Hey Pandas, Post The Best Dish You’ve Eaten

Share some photos of yummy food! The blog post Hey Pandas, Post The Best Dish You've Eaten initially shown up on Bored Panda. # 7 Gnocci. # 15 Sushi(Especially Cone Sushi ) ...

Share some images of yummy food!

# 1 These Waffles

# 2 Saimin With Char Siu Pork

# 3 Not The Best Meal, But A Super Satisfying Ice Cream. Definitely Delicious!

# 4 Strawberry Sugar Dusted Donuts

# 5 This Mango Dessert

# 6 Wonton Min (Noodles)With Char Siu # 7 Gnocci. I’m American, And Everyone Assumes Spagetti And Pizza Are Italian Enough, But I Would Drive Three Hours To An Italian Store For This!

# 8 Smoked Salmon I Lightly Brined And Smoked With Apple Chips.

# 9 Anything From The Spot Dessert Bar Is Magical

# 10 Paris Always Does It Right

# 11 This Coconut Cake # 12 Best Last Month # 13 Pita Zeljanica Image debts: # 14 Classic Swedish Spring Food-Also First Meal After Recovering From Hyperemesis # 15 Sushi(Especially Cone Sushi )


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