Satisfy the normal Walgreens customer, a white college-educated rural Baby Boomer gaining $80,000

Roughly two-thirdspeople buyers store at Walgreens, and also the regular buyer gos to every 3 weeks, investing regarding$22per journey. Walgreens is one of the leading pharmacy chains in the United States as well as Europe, with around the world sales of $139.5 billion last year. The brand name is additionally...
  • The firm'' s 2020 sales were $139.5 billion, and also it filled up 818 million prescriptions in 2014.
  • Walgreens' ' typical consumer is a white suv Baby Boomer gaining over $80,000 each year
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  • Walgreens is just one of the leading pharmacy chains in the United States and also Europe, with around the world sales of $139.5 billion in 2015. The business approximates that 78% of the United States populace lives within 5 miles of among its drug stores, as well as it loaded 818 million prescriptions in 2020.

    Initially established in 1901 and also based in Deerfield, Illinois, there currently more than 9,000 Walgreens and also Duane Reade retail places throughout the United States utilizing approximately 450,000 employees worldwide.Slightly much less than two-thirds of all United States customers are Walgreens consumers, according to information from the analytics company Numerator planned for Insider.Numerator discovered that Walgreens ' normal customer is a white rural Baby Boomer that has an university education and learning and also

    a yearly earnings of greater than$80,000. The brand name is likewise preferred amongst Black as well as Latino consumers with comparable education and learning as well as income.The common consumer check outs Walgreens every 3 weeks generally -regarding 22 journeys annually-and also gets 4 items for an overall expense of $22.50 per journey, Numerator found.Prescription drug comprises concerning 75%of Walgreens ' United States retail drug store profits, and also the pharmacy uses a selection of non-prescription clinical products, personal-care products, food and also drinks. This retail income make up the staying 25%' of the exact same segment.Like CVS consumers, Walgreens consumers have a fondness for M&M ' s and also Reese ' s sweets and also Hallmark welcoming cards, yet choose Coca Cola soft drinks where CVS consumers choose Colgate toothpaste.Some of their preferred classifications to purchase from the drug store consist of sweet and also sodas, along with first-aid materials, coughing and also cool treatments, as well as digestion health and wellness items. Simply 1.3 %of a Walgreens customer ' s overall bucks are invested at Walgreens, compared to 11 %of their investing at Walmart. Find out more regular buyer accounts: Walmart: A 59-year-old white suv female gaining $80,000 a year Costco: A 39-year-old Asian American female gaining greater than $125,000 a year Target: A millennial country mama with a family revenue of$80,000 Entire Foods: A very enlightened West Coast millennial lady gaining$80,000 A college-educated wife in the South gaining$ 80,000 Buck General: An oldercountry

    employee with a senior high school education and learning

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