65 Times People Participated In Really Bizarre Weddings And Just Had To Share The Pics Online

Welcome to the weddings that have pushed the out-of-the-box concept to the point of ensued bizarreness. The post 65 Times People Participated In Really Bizarre Weddings And Just Had To Share The Pics Online first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

When you think of it, weddings are the unofficial mirror of our society where if something can go wrong, it surely will. They also bring some of the most memorable and sweet moments that are among the very few life-changing things humans have.

But saying “I do” can be as colorful as the world itself: from people hosting their wedding in the middle of Walmart or a parking lot, or a gas station, or right there in front of a dumpster, and I’m not just making that up. After all, who’re we to judge if this is what makes two lovebirds happy? And sometimes it’s not even them, it’s the guests who forwarded their wedding invitation to a bunch more uninvited guests.

So get your popcorn ready for this compilation of the most “Seriously!?” wedding moments for ensued craziness: the matrimonial edition.

#1 Not Entirely Sure This Fits But It’s Definitely Odd

Image credits: ClassyCilantro

#2 Mother-In-Law

Image credits: AmyPennza

#3 Best. Wedding. Photo. Ever

Image credits: Icarium13

No matter what your wedding may look like, it all starts with a meticulous (and for some, spontaneous) planning process. Guest list, catering menu, venue, style, dress, everything puts huge pressure on the newlyweds, so no wonder it may go astray at any time.

Bored Panda talked to Rhiann Janak, the lead wedding planner and CEO of “Lucy Till French Weddings.” Rhiann said that essentially, “If there are too many cooks in the kitchen, you’ll have a hard time pleasing everyone and drama will arise.”

#4 My Uncle’s Wedding In Las Vegas, Streamed Live On The Internet

Image credits: Corrupt_Files

#5 The Tackiest Wedding Rules

Image credits: OyeSimpson

#6 Wasn’t Expecting To See A Wedding When I Stopped At Wal*mart This Weekend…

Image credits: soul_oh

Instead, she suggested being aware that “when you are given money to organize your wedding, ask yourself, does this come with expectations to do parts of the wedding a certain way? Are you okay with those expectations?” In reality, only the couple knows how they want their most beautiful day to look, and they should stick to what makes them happy and not everybody else.

And in order to avoid any unnecessary drama, Rhiann recommends a simple trick: “keep the choices you make a secret until the wedding day unless you genuinely want someone’s input as it may be different to yours.”

#7 I Was Told This Wedding Invitation Should Be Under Trashy

Image credits: TheUltimateShart

#8 When The Toppers On Your Toilet Paper Cake Have Masks, But None Of Your Guests Do

Image credits: cyclika

#9 My Cousins Wedding Cake…

Image credits: UnleashTheBeebo

Rhiann recounted one incident about her friend who had a vegan meal in the heart of Texas, BBQ country. “Her mother-in-law spent the entire planning process stressing about the fact that people will be hungry and wearing out the phrase ‘what, I can’t believe there won’t be any meat.’”

“But in the end, everyone, all the guests, and mother-in-law were really happy with the meal,” Rhiann said and added that “sometimes, a bit of surprise is a good thing.” You shouldn’t thoroughly adapt your wedding to the preferences of your guests, and if you take them into account, this should not overturn the things that you feel comfortable with on your wedding day.

#10 Someone Hosted Their Wedding Today In The Welfare Office Parking Lot

Image credits: cassie1992

#11 Name Send-Off By Tagging A Live Fish. Wait What?!

Image credits: olenlahe1337

#12 At Our Wedding An Usher Had A Rude Girlfriend Who Wanted To Be In The Middle Of Pictures (Dressed In White!) I Got Upset But My Photographer Said “I’ll Fix It Later Don’t Worry!”

Image credits: carlinh

At the same time, while planning a wedding, you could take others’ opinions into account, especially if it’s someone you have a general bond with and both you and your partner trust. This may be your parents, or other close relatives, who will surely have their opinions on how you handle the wedding planning. This is especially true if you rely on your parents’ finances, which often correlates with how much they’re contributing.

#13 Gas Station Wedding

Image credits: ds3101

#14 My Best Friend Finally Mailed Me An Invitation To His Wedding

Image credits: yearofpenny

#15 So I Saw This Girl Summoning Satan At My Friend’s Wedding

Image credits:

On the other hand, the constructive contribution should not be confused with toxic criticism. If anyone is being harsh with your wedding (and life) choices and openly questioning whether your “I do” is right, whether your wedding is well-planned, it may cause you to lose self-esteem. Be open-minded about opinions, but remember that for some, marrying in Walmart will surely look like the craziest idea on the planet, but you may have your own reasons why such an unusual venue is the place you want to marry. And it’s totally fine.

#16 Great Wedding Photos..

Image credits: arieswhore

#17 Well How Do You Feel Now That You Know She Was ***not*** The Bride

Image credits: Ladeboobop

#18 Why Has This Not Been Posted Here Yet? It’s Gold

Image credits: ajlk24

#19 When You Really Shouldn’t Drop The Rings

Image credits: forking

#20 The Russian Equivalent Of The Maga Wedding

Image credits: the_lone_dovahkiin

#21 That Woman On The Left Is Not The Bride…

Image credits: lumpysweaterboobs

#22 Every Girls Dream Is To Be Carried On Her Wedding Night

Image credits: YouOtterKnow1

#23 “With The Power Incested In Me…”

Image credits: Punnalinguist

#24 Pretty Trashy For A Wedding

Image credits: Volker1998

#25 I’m All For People Who Go For Low-Budget Weddings, But Then There’s This….

Image credits: nicall

#26 Inviting 20 Extra People To A Wedding

Image credits: entomofile

#27 Did Bud Light Sponsor The Wedding?

Image credits: Anotheraccount97668

#28 Has Anyone Seen The Bride? I Can’t Find Her

Image credits: peachycowgirl

#29 Autocorrect?

Image credits:

#30 The Cake Is A ‘Recreation’ Of The Bride Do I Need To Say More?

Image credits: hunnybunbun2019

#31 How Is The Bride Okay With This..?

Image credits: EllywickTippletoe

#32 Weird Vibes Only

Image credits: dlckahl

#33 This Was At A Wedding

Image credits: BatMom525

#34 The Groom Took His Laptop To His Wedding To Play A Game On His Computer

Image credits: thechicken-andtheegg

#35 We Sent You This Card So Send Us Money

Image credits: sar0025

#36 He Wore This Hat To My Friend’s Wedding

Image credits: therightcoaster

#37 Dude Got So Drunk At His Wedding That His New Mother-In-Law Had To Feed Him

Image credits: iwasdoingfinelurking

#38 Facebook Delivers This Wedding. I Guess They’re Pissing? Best Man Is Also Wearing A Sidearm

Image credits: pitt_russ

#39 I Feel Like This Ranks Up There With Bride Dragging The Groom Cake Toppers

Image credits: odette-loves-cookies

#40 May The Lord Make Me Less Uncomfortable With This

Image credits: Vaguely-witty

#41 The Covid Tunnel!

Image credits: eyetrouble1

#42 Step-Mother Of The Groom…

Image credits: advocatecarey

#43 Thought You All Would Appreciate

Image credits: Gatorious

#44 Op Is Mad Her Cousin’s “Weird” (Apparently Psychic?) Girlfriend Stole Her Wedding Date She Told No One About

Image credits: MrBrightside72

#45 Classy Wedding Cake

Image credits: I_WILL_EAT_ALL_OF_U

#46 And The Cringe Award Goes To…

Image credits: bekinditsgangster

#47 Nothing Says “I Don’t Give A [damn] About My Guests” Like Forcing Them To Sit In The Rain In October For Your Ceremony Because You Couldn’t Be Bothered To Have A Backup Plan For Your Outdoor Wedding

Image credits: flawlessqueen

#48 These Bizarre Wedding Vowels …

“The grooms vowels from the wedding of a family friend. We are genuinely concerned for her safety”

Image credits: snpods

#49 Drunk Guy Peeing Behind Tent At Wedding Reception

Image credits:

#50 Promoting Your Mlm At Your Wedding

Image credits: IKill4Food21

#51 From A Backyard Wedding In The Trashy College Party Part Of Town

Image credits: marble-falls

#52 Bridezilla Shamed For Her Bizarre List Of Seven First Dances At Her Wedding. What, Like Including “Costume Changes”, Hoverboards And Roller Skating Is Too Much To Ask?

Image credits: farklinkbot

#53 Not Exactly A Shotgun Wedding But……

Image credits: imconfused23

#54 This Looks Like He Died? But Apparently It Was Their Decor

Image credits: MsMeggers

#55 Thought This Was The Bride And Groom At First – Nope. Father And Stepmother Of The Bride, Wearing A White-Ish, Beaded Gown With A Train

Image credits: Luallone

#56 A New Take On The Tasteless Cake Topper

Image credits: LJayEsq

#57 My Dad Confirmed He And My Mom Are Anti Vaccination By Declining My Wedding Invitation

Image credits: LMary52

#58 I Get So Misty Eyed At Weddings

Image credits: lionlyonlyin

#59 Ooof

Image credits: koyay706

#60 For When The Couple Insist On A No Mask Covid Wedding For 150 Guests

Image credits: SellQuick

#61 “Hey, I Have An Amazing Idea For A Super Unique Pic!”

Image credits: Elchkeksdose

#62 Trashy Wedding Cake Topper

Image credits: JoJack82

#63 Well Ok Then….

Image credits: monsoonbb

#64 Granny Pants Or Diapers?

Image credits: Loadaban

#65 Trashy Wedding

Image credits: Mcbuildingful


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