111 Real-Life Photos That Look Like Movie Sets Or Video Games

From Blade Runner to GTA V, part of what makes blockbuster movies and video games so immersive is the incredible visuals. Even though it's made up, the scenery looks so real, so palpable, it's as if you're almost there. Sometimes, however, you are. If only for a moment. The post 111...

From Blade Runner to GTA V, part of what makes blockbuster movies and video games so immersive is the incredible visuals. Even though it’s made up, the scenery looks so real, so palpable, it’s as if you’re almost there. Sometimes, however, you are. If only for a moment.

Our world is so diverse that there are places where you can actually feel like you’re in a different galaxy or even a 3D render. The surroundings, the lights, and a few random coincidences can make it look almost identical to your favorite productions.

So, to give you a well-deserved five-minute break, Bored Panda has decided to take you to these locations and we’ve collected the best photos that were taken there. Enjoy.

#1 These Clouds Over This Abandoned House Look Like They’re Out Of Courage The Cowardly Dog

Image credits: Aaron Groen

#2 The Sun Hit This Freshly-Paved Tarmac Just Right And Made A Real-Life Rainbow Road Through Polarized Lenses

Image credits: kenziemonsterrawr

#3 Amazing Shot Taken At The Right Time And In The Right Place. These Antennas On Top Of The San Francisco Sutro Tower Look Like A Ghost Ship

#4 San Francisco Is Looking Like Blade Runner 2049

Image credits: Redivstra

#5 Long Exposure Photo Of Drones Circling Mountains Makes Them Look Like Sci-Fi Landscapes

Image credits: itsreuben

#6 This Photo Of My Son Looks Like A Horror Movie Poster

Image credits: dupokey

#7 This Looks Like A Screenshot From A Video Game But Is Actually A Real Altar From An Entire Church Carved Underground In A Salt Mine In Poland

Image credits: feed-the-good-wolf

#8 I Drove Into A Deep Winter Forest At Night, And It Looks Like In Some Stephen King Story

Image credits: PageD0WN

#9 My Picture Of Today’s Sunset Looks Like It Is From GTA

Image credits: DField118

#10 This Cemetery Fire From Yesterday Looks Like A Horror Movie’s Climax

Image credits: vizquimaister

#11 The Emperor’s Corridor In The Czech Republic Looks Like A Real Life Skyrim

Image credits: Steve Coleman

#12 There Is A House Near Me That Looks Like It’s Out Of A Fairytale

Image credits: CommercialsMaybe

#13 “Earth Pyramids” In South Tyrol, Northern Italy Looks Like An Alien Movie Set

Image credits: Kilian Schönberger

#14 Space Needle In Seattle Over Clouds Looks Like The Cloud City From Star Wars

Image credits: misoisoup

#15 My Orange Toolbox Looks Like A Real Life Pickup Item Under My Room’s Blue Light

Image credits: MSFoxhound

#16 This Forest With Trees Covered In Green Moss Right After All Of The Colorful Leaves Fell To The Ground In Basque Country

Image credits: mimadeo

#17 Photo I Took On My Phone Looks Like Live Action GTA

Image credits: kalbycool

#18 Mont-Saint-Michel In France Looks Like The Disney Logo In Real Life

Image credits: mindz.eye

#19 I Covered A Door In Mirror Paper Squares And Now It Looks Almost Like Some Sort Of Portal

Image credits: SketchySandwich

#20 So Last Nights Fog And The Street Light Made My House Look Like A Scene From A Horror Movie

Image credits: DarkDankDemon

#21 Volcanic Ash Cloud In Chile Looks Like A Giant Monster Summoned From The Underworld

Image credits: Bemy_Gunshot

#22 The Corridors In My Hotel Look Like A Retro Fps Game

Image credits: NobleRotter

#23 I Got My GF A New Bike Helmet, My Brother-In-Law Got Her A Drake Face-Print Balaclava And Now She Looks Like A Custom Video Game Character

Image credits: gekko27

#24 This Is What An Empty 787 Looks Like

Image credits: Mass1m01973

#25 Fire In East St. Louis Last Night Looks Like A Scene From A Movie

Image credits: OopsIArted

#26 Shot This Photo Of A Neighbor Kid As A Giant Storm Was Passing The Other Night

Image credits: SoulcrateSucka

#27 The Massive Underground Cathedral Protecting Tokyo From Floods (This Isn’t A 3D Render)

Image credits: BeardedGlass

#28 Cloud From The Storm Today Looks Like A Horror Movie

Image credits: riskyjon90

#29 Enchanted Forest In Oregon Looks Like The Gates Of Hell At The Moment

Image credits: atypicaljesse

#30 Oppstryn, Norway Looking Like A Dreamland

Image credits: reidar_nesje

#31 Hong Kong Protests Look Like A Dystopian Future

Image credits:

#32 The Way The Snow Melted In My University’s Courtyard Makes The Floor Look Like A Video Game

Image credits: dougieman97

#33 Photo I Took On My Phone Looks Like Live-Action GTA

Image credits: franehr

#34 This Spot Looks Like A CGI Render To Me. Seriously One Of The Craziest Places I’ve Ever Seen. Oregon Coast

Image credits: nathanielthewise

#35 I Genuinely Thought My Car Was Hovering Over The Parking

Image credits: theam107

#36 A Creepy Little Christmas Tree Fully Decorated In The Middle Of The Woods. Powered By What Looked Like Mini Solar Panels

Image credits: ygtjf

#37 The Reflection Of The Lights In The Room Behind Me Make It Look Like The Sky Has A Trap Door

Image credits:

#38 The Fog Made The Stadium Look Like An UFO

Image credits: Lubyanchenko

#39 Ice Storm Makes North Georgia Look Like Something Out Of An Apocalypse Movie

Image credits: Avcracy

#40 A Picture Of My Kids At The Zoo Turned Out More Like A Scene From A Horror Movie

Image credits: Shadrach451

#41 A Friend On Social Media Spotted This One Pixel Glitch In The Matrix, India

Image credits: ssigea

#42 I’ve Been Told My Photo Of Half Dome Looks Like A Videogame Render

Image credits: Oxus007

#43 These Lights On The Ground That Look Like The Start To A Video Game Quest

Image credits: passionpeach

#44 Lake Bursol With Working Railroad Looks Like From Ghibli Movie

Image credits: Panishev

#45 My Front Porch View Looks Like A Scene Out Of Stranger Things

Image credits: ReadItSteveO

#46 Lightning Storm On Long Exposure Made It Look Like A Nuclear Fallout

Image credits: EnumaElish11

#47 This Old Town In Japan That Looks Like A Movie Set

Image credits: _deepsky

#48 Frozen Water And Waves Of Lake Michigan Makes Something That Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of Game Of Thrones Or Saw

Image credits: cdats

#49 Lena Pillars, A Natural Rock Formation In Yakutsk, Russia Looks Like The Wall From Game Of Thrones

Image credits: Novichokkkkkk

#50 The Angle At Which My Dad Took A Picture Of His Car Made It Look Like It Was From A Video Game

Image credits: Elenawsome1

#51 This Photo I Took Of A Building In San Antonio Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of An Alien Invasion Movie

Image credits: _rchr

#52 I Live In A Pretty Boring Neighborhood In Japan So Decided To Try This App. Went With The Intention Of Something Interesting. Found A Garden Of Giant Trees Looking Like This

Image credits: tavogus55

#53 Apartment Hallway In Dallas, TX Looks Like A Scene From The Titanic

Image credits: valpaal

#54 My Picture Made It Seem Like I Was A Locked Character

Image credits: johnnydoodookink

#55 Reflection On Window Looks Like Massive Spaceship Landing

Image credits: empty_talks

#56 Interior Of An LNG Ship Cargo Tank

Image credits: wolf8668

#57 This Snapshot I Took Of An ROTC Formation Via Drone Kinda Looks Like It’s From An RTS Game Because Of The Bright Sun And Camera Quality

Image credits: rockstone20101

#58 Tried To Take A Night Photo On GoPro. Looks Like Game Rendering

Image credits: Papertache

#59 Guy Working On Japan’s Giant Gundam Looks Like A Scene From A Movie

Image credits: root050710

#60 This Building Is A Monument To The Former President And Looks Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

Image credits: Dan Grec

#61 I Took This Pic 2 Years Ago, This Is A Metro Station (Solna Centrum) In Stockholm. I’m Fascinated By The Design, Looks Like A Gate To Hell

Image credits: germaniiium

#62 This Is Not A Set From A Movie: This Is The Super-Kamiokande, An Observatory In Japan Intended To Detect Neutrinos, A Subatomic Particle

The gold-hued detectors are so sensitive to light they can detect a flashlight shone all the way from the moon.

Image credits: Kamioka Observatory, ICRR (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research), The University of Tokyo

#63 A Top View From PNB 118 (2nd Tallest Building In The World In Construction In Malaysia)

Image credits: BlazeIsThanos

#64 This Tower We Found In An Irish Forest Looks Like Something Out Of A Fairytale

Image credits: wintsykia

#65 This Building Got The Invisibility Upgrade

Image credits: Luc Boegly

#66 A Picture I Took At The Airport A Few Days Ago, It Looks Really SciFi-ish, Like A Battlestar Galactica Spaceport Or Something (Human Perception Is Fun)

Image credits:

#67 My (Handless) Clock Makes It Look Like The Wall Is Buffering

Image credits: imaportugesetart

#68 Wow I’ve Never Seen A Real Place That Looks So Much Like A Video Game

Image credits: slyweazal

#69 This Sign Feels Like The Start Of A Video Game

Image credits: instaterence

#70 A Quest!

Image credits: Yuli-Ban

#71 Fall Colors From An Abandoned Fire Watchtower In Minnesota

Image credits: SlushyWx

#72 This Shot Looks Like A Still From A Video Game

Image credits: ivorprickett

#73 I Lost 170 Lbs, Then Had 9lbs Of Excess Skin Removed. My Scars Make Me Look Like An IRL Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

Image credits: Alisonpv

#74 I Took This Pic Of My Apartment “Business Room” And It Looks Like A Videogame

Image credits: EvilLemon23

#75 Looks Like I’ll Be Joining You In The Upside-Down World

Image credits: Sir_Samurai

#76 This Cool Ice Formation I Found In The Woods Looks Like A Portal

Image credits: DanosNanos

#77 This Puddle Reflecting The Sun Looks Like A Portal To Space

Image credits: ron_swanson_is_real

#78 Photo I Took Through My Scope Looks Like A Video Game

Image credits: K619

#79 Went With The Intent To Find A Glitch In The Matrix. Brought Us To This Door That Hasn’t Queued Up Yet

Image credits: tbgmdhc278

#80 This Photo I Took On A Safari Looks Like A Pokemon Battle

Image credits: Batman-in-Drag

#81 The Air Pollution Makes It Look Like Playing A Video Game At Low Settings

Image credits: dadmou5

#82 California Sunset Looks Like A Loading Screen From A Game

Image credits: tacticaltool

#83 A Photo Of A Friend From Poland Looks Like It Was Taken Inside The Witcher Game

Image credits: Hannibal-

#84 Oregon Wildfires Are Making My Friends College Campus Look Like A Post-Apocalyptic Movie

Image credits: TheBigGlizzy

#85 This McDonald’s In Roswell, Nm That Looks Like An UFO

#86 Todaiji In Nara – Japan On Super Bright Sunny Day. Almost Feel Like It Just Came Out Of Ghibli Movie. One Of My Lucky Shot Too

Image credits: ladybirbb

#87 Taipei 101 Looks Like It Should Be In A Sci-Fi Movie

Image credits: KraVok

#88 This Roof Looks Like It Belongs In A Nintendo Game

Image credits: annemehta

#89 I Came Downstairs And Noticed My Dryer Looked Like A Portal To Another World

Image credits: dorseyf94

#90 Smoke Blown Into A Flower Pot Looks Like A Horror Movie Set

Image credits: AlpphaPrincess

#91 Real Photo Looks Like From GTA V Game

Image credits: Sharukh77

#92 The Flash From My Phone Made It Look Like My Fiancee’s Legs Were Animated

Image credits: kingpharmacy

#93 The Reflection On My Hotel Rooms Window Looks Like A Portal To Somewhere

Image credits: runbrun11

#94 The View Of A Cemetery From My Tokyo Hotel Window Looks Like A Cityscape

Image credits: Nickchaseme

#95 Glitch In The Matrix Spotted In Atlanta

Image credits: monsterman3000

#96 Tsunoda Going Past Turn 11 In Bahrain Looks Like Something Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

#97 The Lighting On This ATM Make It Look Like A Game Objective

Image credits: 11SecondsAgo

#98 This Morris Minor Taken In Central London Which Looks Like It Was Taken On A Film Set

Image credits: HarambeDidTheNine11

#99 Almost Dropped My Phone While Taking A Panorama When I Was On A Walk Earlier. The Result Made Me Think Of That One Scene From Inception

Image credits: Liammm

#100 Night Street In Russian Village Looks Like Location In Some Game

Image credits: PageD0WN

#101 Seagulls At Bondi Being Very Particular About Their Personal Space

Image credits: KincuriAus

#102 A Whole House Covered In Neon Yellow Spray Paint. For Some Reason

Image credits: Snooket

#103 This Photo My Brother Took Of The Sun From A Philly Rooftop Looks Like The Sunset On Tatooine

Image credits: ontimpaul

#104 Eating Lunch In The Car With My Wife And She Looks Over And Says “Honestly For A Second I Thought There Was A Treasure Chest Up There”

Image credits: tuhgttg

#105 Don’t Know If It’s Glitchy, But A Coincidence For Sure. April 2, 2020. I’ve Been To Clean Up My House The Sunrays “Traced” My TV Remote

Someone’s telling me to dig myself on Netflix, or to accomplish a quest… Dunno.

Image credits: Juggernaut_911

#106 The Lens Flare Made It Look Like I Can Generate Anti-Chicken Force Fields

Image credits: westgate141pdx

#107 When You Reach The End Of The Game’s Map. Just In Real Life

#108 Scene In The Swiss Alps That Looks Like A Riddle From A Video Game

Image credits: bantiger

#109 Took This Video Game Looking Photo On My iPhone 6 In Utah Like 3 Years Ago

Image credits: Aggie179

#110 This Underground Skate Park In An Abandoned Factory. Like Something Out Of A Tony Hawk Video Game

Image credits: 440Jack

#111 This Manhole Cover Near My Work Looks Like A Video Game Texture That Hasn’t Loaded Yet

Image credits: RaidensReturn


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