143 Pics Of Kind People Before And After Cutting Their Long Hair To Donate It To Cancer Patients (New Pics)

If you want to change up your look but you’re hesitating, doing a hair donation knowing that it will bring comfort to somebody else might be the motivation that you need. The post 143 Pics Of Kind People Before And After Cutting Their Long Hair To Donate It To Cancer Patients...

If you want to change up your look but you’re hesitating, doing a hair donation knowing that it will bring comfort to somebody else might be the motivation that you need. Here at Bored Panda, we found these great before nad after pictures of people who donated their long hair to charities that make wigs for people (often children and young adults) who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment, alopecia areata, and other medical causes. Getting a wig as a gift can bring some security and normalcy to kids who are struggling with losing their hair, and fortunately, hair is a renewable resource that these people had enough of to share.

#1 Jaws Fell In The Salon When She Went Short Chopping Off Her Luscious Healthy Long Hair. But For A Good Cause, She Wanted To Donate It For People Who Need It More

Image credits: jollychandasatinrose

#2 Spent Over 2 Years Growing My Hair. Donated It In 13 Inch Locks In My Daughter’s Name. Feels Good

Image credits: KungPowChicken23

#3 My 8-Year-Old Daughter Has Been Growing Her Hair For Nearly 2 Years To Donate It To A Charity That Makes Wigs For Cancer Kids That Can’t Afford Them

Image credits: thespud_332

#4 This Little 2-Year-Old Boy Is Donating His Curly Locks To The Little Princess Trust Because He Knows Other Children Need It More Than Him

Image credits: ariyans_mama

#5 I’ve Been Growing Out My Hair For 3 Years After I First Heard You Can Give Them To A Charity That Makes Wigs For Children With Cancer

Today was the day to cut them all off, send them in, and start over again. Hopefully, I can make as many kids as possible happy with a new set of hair.

Image credits: kostilicious42

#6 Giving Something For A Donation Is Not Plainly About Giving, And The Happiness Behind It But Is All About Making A Difference

Image credits: jajisgroup

#7 My Final ‘F*ck You’ To 2020. Donated My Quarantine Hair And And Got My Covid Vaccine Today

Image credits: nayhru

#8 I Donated 1.5ft Of Hair To Locks Of Love, And I’m Loving My New Hairdo

Image credits: Elven_maiden

#9 My Beautiful Daughter, Moved By My Circumstances, Decided To Donate Her Hair For People Like Me

I love this girl so much.

I’m battling acute leukemia – I check into the Iowa City hospital for a bone marrow transplant at the end of this month and will be there for the month of April. Prayers appreciated.

Image credits: barbara.b.forney

#10 Did The Thing! 28 Inches Going To Angel Hair For Kids

Image credits: the_legendary_shannin

#11 My Daughter Donating Her 12” Of Hair She’s Grown For Wigs For Kids

Image credits: agroyle

#12 Today I Did Something I’m Really Proud Of, I Donated My Hair

Image credits: grill_on_bmx

#13 Before And After Photos From Donating My Hair To Angel Hair For Kids, Where They Make Wigs For Kids Battling Cancer

Image credits: TuckerFarrow

#14 Today I Proudly Watched My 19 Year Old Son Cut Off His Hair For Those Who Have Lost Theirs From Cancer

It took 2.5 years to grow the 32cm plaits. He is very unassuming, didn’t tell anyone why he was waiting so long to do it… His quiet way of making a difference. Proud mummy moment.

Image credits: Donna Cook

#15 Before And After Donating 28”

Image credits: sgracek11

#16 For Charlie It Was Important That Others Benefited From His Donation And There Are Certainly Some Who Will

Image credits: toftildhardonation

#17 My Husband Donated 17 Years Worth Of Hair Growth Today To The Little Princess Trust

Image credits: MyLifeJeff

#18 My 4 Year Old Had His First Real Haircut This Morning And The Hair Is Being Donated Straight To Charity. Hopefully It Makes Another Child Happy

Image credits: abyssion88

#19 I’ve Had Long Hair Most Of My Life. Today, I Donate 14 Inches Of My Hair To Locks Of Love

Image credits: InsulinJunky

#20 Legendary Drunk Guy Cuts Off His Hair For Charity

Image credits: MutuallyAQ

#21 Today I Donated ~ 1ft Of Hair

Image credits: huffster99

#22 Donated All My Hair. 45-50 Cm

Image credits: forhudgud

#23 Been Growing My Hair Out For At Least 2 Years. Woke Up Yesterday And Decided On A Whim To Donate It All To “Children With Hair Loss”

Image credits: Wfry84

#24 18 Inches Later

Image credits: Cherrbs

#25 Had A Pixie Cut, Grew Out My Hair For 7 Years To Get To About 20 Something Inches. Stepmom Passed Of Cancer And I Cut It All Off To Donate In Her Memory

Image credits: fvckedwithsquirrels

#26 Hair Donation

Image credits: daniela_resende__

#27 To My Future Recipient: I Hope These Locks Let You Live Fully, Love, And Smile As Much As I Did With Them

Image credits: mads.tx

#28 First Photo Was Taken A Few Months Ago And The Second One Is After I Cut It All Off. I Cut And Donated 17 Inches To Wigs For Kids

Image credits: josiahdavidw

#29 Donated My Hair Today

Image credits: Jruffhouse

#30 Chopped Off 15 Inches To Donate

Image credits: prag1019

#31 Donated Close To 26 Inches Yesterday To A Non Profit Company That Makes Wigs For Children

Image credits: camicompton

#32 Donated My Hair To Wigs For Kids

Image credits: chuckandashley

#33 I’m So Happy Today That I Donated My Hair To Cancer Patients. One More Memorable Moment Added In My Life

Image credits: srilekha_siriu

#34 The Most Beautiful Person Is A Person With Kind Heart And Loving Soul

Image credits: hyderabadhairdonation9

#35 She Went For The Buzz And It Looks Amazing. From Long To Shaved Hair

Image credits: cuts4cause

#36 Emmi Cut 12 Inches Of Hair To Donate To Angel Hair For Kids! So Proud Of This Sweet Girl

Image credits: kateherr290

#37 Just Donated My Quarantine Hair! [16y/O]

Image credits: Pigmaster6373

#38 Last Month I Donated All Of My Hair To Charity. They Were Able To Make 2 Wigs Out Of The Amount Of Hair

Image credits: izeezusizeezus

#39 Finally Got The Courage To Cut My Hair. First Time In 3 Years I’ve Cut It And Donated It. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: theginger_throwaway

#40 I Have Donated My Hair 6 Times Since I Was 10 Years Old, My Last Donation Was My Longest And Healthiest At 22″

Image credits: just-sew-sew

#41 Look At All This Hair! Grew His Hair Out To Donate To Help Others In Need

Image credits: jerrellkutzgavel

#42 5th Hair Donation! Feels So Light

Image credits: shirleysparrow

#43 So I Cut Enough To Donate My Hair. I Really Needed A Change

Image credits: mommatofour_

#44 Last Week vs. This Week. Wow. Donate Your Hair, People – Best Choice I’ve Ever Made

Image credits: hollieebergg

#45 From Day 1 To Day 1,097. The Amount Of Days Between My Last Haircut. 24 Inches. The Total Amount Of Hair I Get To Donate To Children With Hair Loss

This process has meant more to me than I could ever imagine. Love you momma.

Image credits: its_bo_time5

#46 So Proud Of Ava & Sienna Today. They Have Had Their Hair Cut & Are Donating It To The Little Princess Trust

Image credits: SlLouise

#47 Just Cut 24 Months Of Growth To Donate. Hope Some Little Girl Or Boy Enjoys It As Much As I Did

Image credits: hiittrainer

#48 It’s Been 4 Years Since I Last Donated To Wigs For Kids So I Thought I Would Do It Again! This Time I Went Shorter

Image credits: emnemz

#49 The Last Person This Upset To Lose 14 Inches Was My Ex-Girlfriend. But Seriously, Give To Those Less Fortunate Than You

Image credits: chriscross54321

#50 Another 15”+ Gone. Bring On Summer And Good Bye Hair

Image credits: hparker78

#51 This Brave Girlie Chopped All Her Hair Off To Donate It! 12 + Inches For Wigs For Kids!

Image credits: carla.wildbeautysupply

#52 The Reason I Started Growing Out My Hair Was So That I Could Eventually Donate It To A Child Who Had Lost Their Own Hair

Image credits: samgetz

#53 SGP Coach Dillon Price Donated His Hair To Wigs For Kids Recently. It Was 14 Inches In Length And Took Him 2.5 Year To Grow Out That Much Hair

Image credits: sgpwarriors

#54 After Years Of Growing Out My Hair, I Finally Donated It

Image credits: TheChosenAvocado

#55 Days Before His Initial Retirement, Wrestler Daniel Bryan Had His Infamous Hair And Beard Cut Then Donated The Clippings To Charity That Uses Real Hair In Wigs For Children

Image credits: Anhapus

#56 I Donated My Hair To Charity Yesterday, After 3 Years Of Growing

Image credits: nonce_vilson

#57 I Grew My Hair For 5 Years To Donate To Charity

Image credits: Savty123

#58 Haven’t Been To The Barber Since October Of 2017. Today I Donated 19 Inches Of Hair To Wigs For Kids

Image credits: Jahlovelol

#59 I Cut 12 Inches Off My Hair And Donated It To Children With Hair Loss

Image credits: dsk1389

#60 Last Night I Took The Plunge And Donated My Hair To Children With Hair Loss. I’m In Love With My New Look

Image credits: oddtree18

#61 Just Chopped 12 Inches Of This Strawberry Hair For Wigs For Kids

Image credits: ig_gnome_inious

#62 Couldn’t Be Happier To Have Donated My Hair To A Good Cause

Image credits: jfine69

#63 Donated 13” Yesterday! Feeling Fresh And New

Image credits: ammuller

#64 Donation Time

Image credits: s0ycatpuccino

#65 I Did It! And I Donated It

Image credits: companionmadie

#66 Donated 10 Inches Of Hair After Almost 2 Years Of Growing It

Image credits: innerpeacethief

#67 Finally Had The Guts. My Donation

Image credits: lfln

#68 Kindness Is Caring For Others

Image credits: hyderabadhairdonation9

#69 A Huge Chop, Now To Donate That Hair

Image credits: hairbysjberwick

#70 Hair Donation

Image credits: nomanoma2328

#71 I Did A Thing Today. Been Thinking About It For Years. Let My Hair Grow Long. And Longer – To Donate It

Image credits: mayns

#72 What A Huge Change! So Happy To Be Part Of It

Image credits: chelledesigns

#73 Another Big Hearted Human, Donating Their Hair. I Bet This Gorgeous Hair Will Make Some Special Kid Super Happy

Image credits: christine10_02

#74 Donating 19+ Inches To Wigs For Kids So They Can Be Curly Too

Image credits: ArtisanGerard

#75 Feels Great To Donate Hair

Image credits: tylerholtman

#76 Took Your Guy’s Advice And Went For A Lob + Balayage And I Love It. Haven’t Had Hair This Short For 10 Years. Also Gonna Donate What Was Cut Off

Image credits: DaFranzi

#77 I Grew Out My Hair To Donate It And Support People Who Are Going Through The Same Thing My Mom Did, And To Hopefully Inspire Them To Keep Fighting

Chose to cut my hair off for my mom’s birthday this year: it’s also the 3&1/2 year anniversary of her being cancer-free!

Image credits: TheJoshuaHenson

#78 My Kid Donated Her Hair This Month

Image credits: OT7luvHarbinger

#79 Length Was Strangling The Curls, So Went And Donated 16 Inches

Image credits: laowildin

#80 Thank You, God, For Giving Me The Opportunity To Donate The Hair You Blessed Me With. 12 Inches Will Make Someone Proud Real Soon

Image credits: laurie_bravo

#81 Today I Donated 18 Inches Of My Hair To Locks Love That Will Help Financially Disadvantaged Children Receive A Wig

To those fighting breast cancer, you are never alone!

Image credits: 8HOUSTON2

#82 My 9-Year-Old Munchkin Has Been Growing His Hair For 4 Years To Donate To Wigs For Kids And He Finally Took The Chop On Fri. If You’d Like To Support A Great Cause – Kids With Cancer

Image credits: KEJoyce2

#83 I Donated 30 cm/12 Inches Of Curls, After Waiting For Three Years. Very Happy Of How It Looks

Image credits: ryulis99

#84 All Hair Donated For Kids

Image credits: andrew.fobian

#85 After Nearly 5 Years, I Cut To Donate. It Basically Stopped Growing The Last 8 Months, In Classic 2020 Fashion So Figured It’s Time. I’ll Miss You, Flo-Bro’s. See You In 5

Image credits: Northerncreations

#86 Donated ~15 Inches Today. See Y’all In A Couple Of Years

Image credits: supergrl126301

#87 Great Expression Of Compassion

Image credits: BillyStrings

#88 3rd Time Growing It Out And 3rd Time I Decided To Cut It All Off. This Time My Hair Was Long Enough To Donate

Image credits: jbmora11

#89 And Just Like That, 16 Inches Gone

Since about the age of 14, I’ve had long hair. It makes my heart so happy that I am giving 16 inches of my hair to a nonprofit that is dedicated to helping children and families affected by life threatening and life-long illnesses. I feel so lucky and grateful to have hair that makes me feel beautiful, and I hope my hair can do the same for someone else. I gave myself the gift of freedom and growth, and in return, I gave a child in need a lovely gift as well. Because if my hair can make someone feel a little bit better, why wouldn’t I do it?

Image credits: leanneliveshealthy

#90 New Year, New Hair! Chopped Off 12 Inches To Donate To Angel Hair 4 Kids Today

One advantage of avoiding salons because of the lockdowns and PCS is that my hair really got long in the last year! This is the second time I am donating, in honor of my best friend Evann who died in 2011 from cancer.

Image credits: post_concussion_support

#91 I Cut Off 12 Inches To Donate To Wigs For Kids. This Is The Third Time In My Life I Have Donated Hair

Image credits: drjesskeating

#92 Two 14 Inch Pony Tails On The Way To Wigs For Kids! 2 Inches More Than The 12 Inches I Donated 2 Years Ago, I’m Still In Shock I Cut Off All This Hair

Image credits: jemmirish

#93 Soja Donates

Image credits: hairforhopeindia

#94 Thank You Ravikanth For Coming Forward And Donating Hair To Cancer Patients Through Our Organization

Image credits: hyderabadhairdonation9

#95 I Donated My Hair To A Charity For Girls With Alopecia

Image credits: CertifiedNicePerson

#96 Donated A Bunch Of Hair To Children With Hairloss. I’m Loving How Vibrant My Hair Looks

Image credits: NatieKorris

#97 I Donated 1 Foot Of Hair Today! This 2 Year Journey Has Finally Come To An End

Image credits: Plutoxoma

#98 This Handsome Man Of Mine Grew His Hair For Almost Four Years To Donate To Wigs For Kids

Image credits: staciroch

#99 Donated 30 Cm Of Hair Today

Image credits: iadorebiadore

#100 12 Inches Donated To The Little Princess Trust

Image credits: SevereTechnology

#101 Cutting Off 14 Inches And Donating It Tonight

Image credits: abehling

#102 14-Ish Inches Donated

Image credits: no_brow

#103 Donated 12 Inches. Feel Like A Whole New Person

After a year-long debate, I finally chopped all my hair off. It feels good to donate, but that wasn’t the only reason I did it. I think I needed a new chapter, and realized I was hiding behind my own hair: “Maybe no one will notice that there’s nothing else beautiful about me.” It was a wild experience, and I feel like a whole new person. Sassy, fun, and beautifully exposed.

Image credits: FrostySpoon

#104 10″ Will Go To A Good Cause

Image credits: vanessatshort

#105 “Kindness Is Free, Sprinkle It Everywhere…”

Image credits: hyderabadhairdonation9

#106 This Weekend Camden Had Over 8 Inches Of Her Hair Cut Off So She Could Donate It To Wigs For Kids

Image credits: lifeaselleblog

#107 Rewind To Last Year When She Chopped Twelve Inches Off For Charity

Image credits: laraoflondon

#108 This Girl Donated All Her Hair That We Chopped Off

Image credits: hairbyrobyy

#109 Pooja Donated Her Hair

Image credits: hairforhopeindia

#110 This Is The Amazing Amanda 4th Time Donating Her Hair For This Beautiful Cause. Her Donation Was A Whopping 15 Inches

Image credits: headcaseartistry

#111 I Just Cut 10 Inches Of My Hair To Donate To Locks Of Love To Make A Wig For A Child With Cancer

Image credits: GinaDAmatoMD1

#112 Bren Has Been Growing His Hair Out For 4 Years To Donate It To Kids With Cancer. Today’s The Day He’s Finally Cutting It. 2017 vs. 2021

He got a lot of hate for having long hair but I’m so proud of him.

Image credits: momstrosityy

#113 Feels And Looks Good To Donate Some Hair

Image credits: akakellyfornia

#114 Earlier I Saw A Tweet Saying They Did Something Special For Jhope’s Bday. So I Decided To Donate My Hair To Do Something Special Too

Image credits: berryoonmin

#115 Yesterday I Cut Off 8 Ponytails Of 12” Each To Donate To Wigs For Kids. It’s A Really Weird Feeling After Growing It For 2 Years

Image credits: HoddyGaming

#116 I Posted Last Week About Cutting Off About 6″. Today I Chopped It All Off. I Feel Naked Without It, But I Was Able To Donate It, And I’m Feeling Good

Image credits: Dogs-Keep-Me-Going

#117 Ended Up Cutting Of 13” To Donate And Getting An Asymmetrical Bob

Image credits: MarshMaro

#118 It’s About One Year Since I Donated It

Image credits: combong

#119 After Chopping 12 Inches Yesterday I Will Be Donating And Learning What To Do With A Lack Of Length

Image credits: Queen-Of-Farts

#120 This Sweet Girl Has Been Growing Out Her Hair For Years To Donate And Is Rocking Her New Haircut

Image credits: bri.egohour

#121 Enjoy The Moment Before It Becomes A Memory

Image credits: cosmic_wunderkind

#122 Donated My Hair For The First Time Today, Won’t Be The Last

Image credits: GaryGoesFishing

#123 Finally Got Up The Courage For The Big Chop, Hairdresser Thinks We Cut Off Two Feet (Yes, I Am Going To Donate)

Image credits: AzurianWinter

#124 Finally Chopped My Long Hair, After More Than 2 Years. Donating It To Beautiful Lengths

Image credits: crazyhaolepino

#125 This Is My Second Round, I Think The Second Best Part Of Donating Is Feeling “Lightheaded”

Image credits: neasagalvin

#126 Today I Chopped Off 8” Of Hair To Donate

Image credits: laurenkapeluck

#127 Did A Thing Today For Wigs For Kids Haven’t Had My Hair Cut Or Dyed In 12 Years

Image credits: margaret.chandler1989

#128 Clair Hasn’t Had Short Since She Was A Kid. Lot’s Of Hair Donated Today

Image credits: rendorahair

#129 Donating Your Hair Is One Of The Most Thoughtful Things You Can Do

Image credits: hairbylaurenaugustine

#130 I Did It, But It Was All For A Good Cause. I Set Out To Grow My Hair To At Least Seven Inches So That I Could Donate It All To Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids

I’m glad that I could put my locks to good use.

Image credits: TonyWolters

#131 She Got A Whole Foot Cut Off And Also A Natural Balayage. Don’t Worry She’s Donating All The Hair We Cut Off

Image credits: styling_sydney_

#132 Kindness Makes You Beautiful Forever

Image credits: hyderabadhairdonation9

#133 I’m So Proud Of This Ape. Donating His Hair To The Little Princess Trust For Little Children Suffering Hair Loss Through Chemo

Image credits: Theaudacity0fit

#134 Update: I Donated 15″ Of Hair And Went With A Blue Bob

Image credits: diamondkitten

#135 This Was From About Two Weeks Ago, But I Finally Cut And Donated A Large Portion Of My Hair! Feels A Lot Lighter

Image credits: plantcitywitch

#136 The Big Chop! I’ve Never Had Short Hair Before And My Neck Has Been Loving This. Donated 10”

Image credits: mawawawiggle

#137 Just Donated 27 Inches Of My Hair To Wigs For Kids

Image credits: doublehelix244

#138 Such A Beautiful Donation To Wigs For Kids! All Natural, Healthy Long Locks

Image credits: paletteandfringe

#139 It Was A Tough Decision, But I’m Finally Donating

Image credits: kenwine

#140 A Special Thank You To U/Msm21 For Allowing Me To Share Her Pictures Of Her Amazing Haircut Donation.

Image credits: OTC-Thermal

#141 So, I Donated My Hair To A Foundation That Makes Wigs For Women Who Went Through Chemo And I Love My New Haircut Although I Had Long Hair Almost All My Life

Image credits: elvirian

#142 Got A Haircut. Wanted To Try Something New And It Was My First Time Donating Hair

Image credits: thestars23

#143 I Cut And Donated My Hair After 6 Years Of Growing It Out. I Feel So Much Lighter

Image credits: BlackPaperStars


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