Here are the flashy new WNBA jerseys from Nike that all 12 teams will be wearing

Summary List PlacementAtlanta Dream The Dream's Heroine Edition jerseys are all white with subtle, gray beams radiating out from the word "DREAM" across the chest "inspired by Atlanta's National Center for Civil and Human Rights' 'Pentagram' mural." Source: Atlanta Dream Atlanta's Explorer Edition threads, which also feature those same 16 rays, are meant...

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Summary List Placement

Atlanta Dream

The Dream’s Heroine Edition jerseys are all white with subtle, gray beams radiating out from the word “DREAM” across the chest “inspired by Atlanta’s National Center for Civil and Human Rights’ ‘Pentagram’ mural.”

Source: Atlanta Dream

Atlanta’s Explorer Edition threads, which also feature those same 16 rays, are meant to honor the Civil Rights Movement and the city’s role in promoting equality for all.

Source: Atlanta Dream

And the team’s Rebel Edition uniform “pays homage to 90s hip-hop” and the city’s vibrant music scene.

Chicago Sky

Chicago’s Heroine Edition features yellow, blue, and black trim and gray pinstripes running up the jerseys.

The Sky’s explorer edition threads are all black with blue and yellow trim, “CHICAGO” across the chest, and pinstripes running up the front.

And their Rebel Edition uniforms are royal blue with lighter blue lines that depict shattered glass behind the city’s “CHI-TOWN” nickname.

Connecticut Sun

The Sun — the first American professional sports team owned by a Native American Tribe — honored the “Mohegan Tribe’s symbol of the rising sun” with their Heroine Edition jerseys.

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The details tell our story. Introducing the Heroine Edition.


Connecticut’s Explorer Edition threads are orange with white writing and feature “13 dots in the Mohegan symbol on the trim [to] signify the 13 moons of the lunar year, which represent the passage of time. It also shows the Mohegan people are 13 generations removed from their first chief, Uncas.”

Source: Connecticut Sun

And on their royal blue Rebel Edition uniforms, the Mohegan word “Keesusk” across the chest translates to “Sun” in English. The neckline shows canoes, and the trim features iconography representing the Mohegan trail of life.

Dallas Wings

Dallas’ Heroine Edition jersey is all white with “WINGS” across the chest.

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This is 𝐇.𝐄.𝐑. time.

The 𝐇eroine is a timeless representation of power and sophistication. 💪☁️🏀


The Wings’ Explorer Edition threads are navy with “DALLAS” across the front and lime green and white trim.

And their Rebel Edition jerseys are inspired by the “P-40 Warhawk, a World War II plane manufactured in Texas and flown by Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP).”

Source: Dallas Wings

Indiana Fever

The Fever’s Heroine Edition jerseys have an old-school feel thanks to their all-white base with red, yellow, and navy trim.

Indiana’s Explorer Edition threads bring the navy to the forefront to pay homage to Indianapolis’ own Lady Victory.

Source: Indiana Fever

And the team’s Rebel Edition uniforms play off of “Stranger Things,” the mega-popular Netflix show set in Indiana.

Las Vegas Aces

Las Vegas’ Heroine Edition jerseys are all white with red, gold, and black accents.

The Aces’ Explorer Edition threads are red with “Las Vegas” across the chest, black trim, and white accents.

Their Rebel Edition uniforms are jet black with aces card symbols along the bottom half, the word “ACES” written in gold vertically on top, and golden trim.

Los Angeles Sparks

Los Angeles’ Heroine Edition jerseys are white with “SPARKS” written in purple across the chest and a purple and yellow palm tree emerging out of the letter K.

The Sparks’ Explorer Edition threads have a purple base, yellow and white accents, and an aqua blue Nike Swoosh that practically pops off the fabric.

And their black and yellow Rebel Edition uniforms play off of Los Angeles’ reputation as the City of Stars.

Minnesota Lynx

The Lynx’s Heroine Edition jerseys have a white base like all the other teams’, but with “LYNX” written in navy, numbers in lighter blue underneath, and bright green trim, they are far from plain.

Minnesota’s Explorer Edition may appear a bit more traditional upon first glance, but with that bright green stripe running the length and Lynx spots printed on the sides, these threads actually play on the team’s wild side.

The design of their Rebel Edition uniforms is “inspired by the legendary soul of First Avenue,” the street in Minneapolis known as a hub for musicians and performers.

New York Liberty

New York’s Heroine Edition jerseys have mint green, black, and gold trim and the team’s name written across the chest with the Statue of Liberty’s iconic torch substituted for the “I.”

The Liberty’s Explorer Edition threads are charcoal gray faded to black with white, gold, and mint green accents and “NEW YORK” written on the front.

And their Rebel Edition uniforms boast that mint green color as the base and say “EQUALITY,” again with the “I” swapped out for the torch.

Phoenix Mercury

The Mercury’s Heroine Edition jerseys boast a retro look to honor the team’s history.

Phoenix shouted out their home in “The Valley” with their orange-to-purple ombré Explorer Edition threads.

The team’s Rebel Edition uniforms pay homage to the team’s fanbase, which the team’s first head coach dubbed the “X-Factor.”

Seattle Storm

The Storm’s Heroine Edition jerseys are something of a throwback, referencing the white home uniforms of the past with hunter-green and yellow accents.

Seattle’s Explorer Edition threads are entirely green and yellow, with the city’s name written in an arc just below the neckline.

And the team’s Rebel Edition uniform “centers a sash-like swoop across the chest, the back and down the shorts, symbolizing female empowerment coupled with bold, graphic type in well-worn relief,” according to the team.

Source: Seattle Storm

Washington Mystics

Washington’s Heroine Edition jerseys evoke the iconic white marble that makes up DC’s most iconic buildings and even has a tiny, silver star above the chest to support statehood for the nation’s capital.

The Mystics’ Explorer Edition threads are red with navy on the shoulders and “Washington” written in a unique font on the front.

And for their Rebel Edition uniforms, players will be rocking navy and pink with gold accents, “RISE” across the chest, and the text of the 19th amendment striped around the body.

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