40 Pieces of Life Advice From Therapists Shared By People On Twitter

Twitter user @uhprome asked people to share some therapist's advice they have received and it seems that more than 400k people were interested to know the same thing. So here are some of the best answers. The post 40 Pieces of Life Advice From Therapists Shared By People On Twitter first...

When you feel pain in your body, you go to see a doctor, and when you feel pain in your soul, you should go and see a therapist. But still, to this day, in some societies, people seeing therapists are looked down upon and not everyone is ready to face that judgement. Usually emotional pain is easier to ignore than physical pain, so when comparing the two of them, going to a therapist doesn’t seem that necessary.

There are other reasons why one wouldn’t choose going to therapy, so for now, these people can use internet resources to better their lives. Twitter user @uhprome has done just that and asked people to share their therapists’ advice so she doesn’t have to go.

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People were gladly sharing the lessons they had learnt in therapy, mostly about self-love and just general happiness. So Bored Panda sifted through the thread and picked some advice that might be useful. But remember that this does not replace a licensed therapist and if you’re struggling, it is best to seek out professional help.

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The Twitter thread has almost 2k responses and more than 400k likes. Apparently, @uhprome asked a question that a lot of people wanted to know the answer to.

It could be that some people can’t afford to go to a therapist, they don’t have time because of work, or because they are afraid of judgement. Whatever the reason is, people on Twitter really appreciated this thread and that made it seen by even more people.


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This isn’t the first time that advice from therapists has been discussed in a Twitter thread. In another article by Bored Panda, we made a list of tweets in which people shared their best received advice so that people could get free therapy in a way. Of course, all of these pieces of advice can’t replace a session with a real human that is trained in that field, but it’s better than nothing and maybe it can make you care more about yourself, feel better, or see some situations in a different light.


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A survey conducted by the American Psychiatric Association revealed that Gen Z were more likely to have received treatment or gone to therapy (37%) compared to Millennials (35%), Gen X’ers (26%), Baby Boomers (22%), and the Silent Generation (15%).

It could be that the modern world causes more stress to young adults, so that is why they are more likely to seek professional help, but also because awareness of mental issues has grown and people have started to understand that they are not to be ignored. Furthermore, shining more light on mental health has made going to therapy less stigmatized and judged.


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Hopefully this thread helped someone and they found some tips that will be useful. Sometimes all we need is just the right words at the right moment and our life can change.

Don’t forget to upvote the advice that you thought was the best and if you have anything to add to this list, comment what principles you live by that make you a happier and healthier person.


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