122 Times People Spotted Simple Yet Genius Solutions In Their Hotels And Shared Them Online (New Pics)

Today, Bored Panda has compiled a perfectly indulgent list of the most clever, simple, and creative solutions installed at hotels that put the hospitality business in a well-deserved spotlight. The post 122 Times People Spotted Simple Yet Genius Solutions In Their Hotels And Shared Them Online (New Pics) first appeared on...

In the times of worldwide pandemic, which feels like endless doom, the sole thought of staying in a hotel sends bursts of joy down my spine.

From the sheer indulgence of emptying out an overpriced minibar to rolling into the crisp, clean bedsheets, and joining your travel companions at a breakfast buffet just before the new day’s adventure begins, the things we took for granted are now something we’d be privileged to have.

So let’s dive deep into the nostalgia of a pre-pandemic world and the hopes that travelling without the viral anxiety awaits around the corner. Today, Bored Panda has compiled a perfectly indulgent list of the most clever, simple, and creative solutions installed at hotels that put the hospitality business in a well-deserved spotlight.

#1 Blessed Hotel Staff

Image credits: RustyBertrand

#2 I Asked The Hotel If I Could Bring My Cat. This Is What We Arrived To

Image credits: DocCaliban

#3 This Hotel Gets It

Image credits: CrazybyRX

#4 Towel Animal Left By The Hotel Staff

Image credits: OyeSimpson

#5 Missed Out Camping This Year, So I Asked For A Tent In My Hotel Room

Image credits: InGordWeTrust

#6 My Hostel Has A Bed For Charging Your Mobile

Image credits: Nikko012

#7 When Your Hotel Staff Go The Extra Mile

Image credits: alexlmlo

#8 I Ordered Snacks From Room Service And They Sent A Refrigerated Robot Butler To Deliver Them

Image credits: jmill90

#9 This Hotel I’m Staying At Provides A Phone That You Can Take Out With You. It Has Unlimited Mobile Data As Well As Free Calls

Image credits: Sir-Jarvis

#10 The Pillows In My Hotel Are Labeled For Preferences

Image credits: Vat1canCame0s

#11 Simplistic Light Switches In A Hotel

Image credits: ardakerem

#12 The Shower At My Hotel Has A Flow Meter To Know How Much Water You Use, Ice Cap Is Melting And Polar Bear Disappears If You Use Too Much

Image credits: nashtor

#13 This Hotel In Singapore

Image credits: mtlgrems

#14 Awesome Hotel Gesture

Image credits: JenAshleyWright

#15 The Alarm Clock In This Hotel Has Three Displays So You Can See The Time Without Moving While Lying In Either Of The Beds

Image credits: thinksInDownvotes

#16 Old Bank Was Transformed Into A Hotel, They Kept The Vault As A Meeting Room

Image credits: WoollyMonster

#17 Hotel Door Signs: Do Not Disturb And Please Clean Room

Image credits: lespies

#18 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has A Monitor Lizard That Roams The Grounds And Swims In The Pool

Image credits: c08306834

#19 This Hotel I Stayed At Had One Dark Washcloth To Prevent Makeup Stains

Image credits: WantedDadorAlive

#20 This Checklist From A Hotel

Image credits: ultimoze

#21 My Hotel Room Came With A Rubber Ducky For The Bathtub

Image credits: ryanbeljan

#22 This Hotel I Stayed At Has A Billiards Room Through A Secret Door Behind This Bookshelf

Image credits: bobert_the_wise

#23 My Hotel Had Exit Signs Near The Floor, Presumably For When You Are Crawling On The Floor To Avoid Smoke Inhalation During A Fire

Image credits: dicec

#24 Hotel In Europe Offers A Rent A Pet Fish For Single Travelers

Image credits: Mich_Cooke

#25 This Showerhead In My Hotel Lets You Dial In An Exact Temperature For The Water To Stay At

Image credits: JabberVapor

#26 This Mirror At My Hotel Tells Guests The Current Weather Conditions

Image credits: bonesakimbo

#27 This Hotel In My Town

Image credits: phhoff

#28 Instead Of A Bible, My Hotel Room In Philadelphia Has The Constitution And Declaration Of Independence

Image credits: lives4summits

#29 This Hotel I’m Staying At Has The Shower Shelf Accessible From Both Inside As Well As Outside

Image credits: achilliesFriend

#30 This Hotel Descends Down The Side Of A Cliff, So The Elevator Floors Are In Negatives

Image credits: smissingham

#31 My Hotel Has A Marker To Point Towards Mecca

Image credits: The_Gingersnaps

#32 My Hotel Room Bathroom Leaves A Section Of Mirror That Doesn’t Steam Up

Image credits: treadmillsandtiaras

#33 Shower Tiles Are Cut Into Mountain Shapes, In My Hotel In A Mountainous Destination

Image credits: baldeagle86

#34 The Elevator Load Limit Sign In My Hotel

Image credits: CplRicci

#35 Out Hotel Room Is Inside A Giant Aquarium With Sharks, Mantas And Stingrays Swimming About

Image credits: KietyFate

#36 Stayed In A Boeing 747 Converted To Hostel At Arlanda Airport, Sweden

Image credits: EntirelyForgettable

#37 My Hotel In Texas Had Texas Shaped Waffles In Their Complementary Breakfast

Image credits: spagettyo

#38 Our Hotel Shower Designed Like A Swimming Pool

Image credits: thatnurseCT

#39 My Toilet In The Japanese Hotel I Stayed At. You Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For Your Next Flush

Image credits: richiethestick

#40 This Hotel Used To Be A Brewery

Image credits: kimberlymarie3786

#41 My Hotel Safe Has A Plug So You Can Charge Your Electronics While They Are Locked Away

Image credits: sudzysoap

#42 The Water Bottle In My Hotel In Bangkok Had The Same Shape As The Building

Image credits: snehshah402

#43 This No Smoking Floor In A Hotel Has No Room 420

Image credits: IIIFirefoxI1I

#44 My Hotel Room Used To Be A Chapel

Image credits: geekstudio

#45 My Hotel’s Lights Shine Diagonally

Image credits: FireteamBravo3

#46 This Hotel Prints The Weather Out And Sticks It In The Elevator

Image credits: champagnehurricane

#47 We Stayed At A Hotel With An Indoor Pool That Had An Outdoor Waterslide

Image credits: atodaso

#48 Found This In The Youth Hostel I’m Staying At

Image credits: MORealms

#49 Singapore’s Parkroyal Hotel Taken From Street Level

Image credits: Wormsblink

#50 These Sockets In A Chinese Hotel Room Fit Us, Chinese, European, And UK Plugs

Image credits: pistrel

#51 The Hotel I Stayed In Changed The Elevator Carpet Based On The Day Of The Week

Image credits: JackOfAllSomething

#52 Hotel I Stayed At Had This

Image credits: lolsoulja

#53 Hotel I Stayed At Had Black Toilet Paper

Image credits: festisredbull

#54 The Hand Towels In My Hotel Bathroom Were Folded Like A Shirt And Tie

Image credits: The_Slavinator

#55 This Paper Low Poly Moose At A Hotel

Image credits: Kresenko

#56 The “Pool Room” At The Hotel I Stayed At

Image credits: Johnoplata

#57 This Little Sign Under The Bed In My Hotel Room That Lets You Know They’ve Cleaned Under There Too

Image credits: awils429

#58 The Hotel I Stayed In Has A Typewriter For Writing Reviews

Image credits: vash9590

#59 Lake Taupo, New Zealand-Hostel Pool Rules. The Safest Pool In All Of Middle Earth

Image credits: Leviathan47

#60 This Hotel’s Fancy Style Of Stacking Fruits In Water

Image credits: MrCringeKidYT

#61 These Hand Towels In My Hotel Look Like A Box Of French Fries

Image credits: Correctedsmile

#62 My Hotel Room Has An Xbox One

Image credits: Duckman18007

#63 This Hotel Near Me In New York Lit Up Their Empty Rooms In The Shape Of A Heart

Image credits: wood_nich

#64 The Shower In My Hotel Has A Little Cutout So You Can Turn It On Before Getting In

Image credits: IBeBobbyBoulders

#65 This Hotel That I’m Staying At Has A Wall Mounted Wireless Charger

Image credits: Wet-Popcorn

#66 This Hotel Hallway In Cologne, Deutschland

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#67 Found This At A Hotel I Was Working At. Kinda Cool That Hotels Are Being This Accommodating

Image credits: BOYD322

#68 Hotel Door Room Was Changed Today For People Who Uses A Wheelchair With A Lower Peephole

Image credits: Kenndooo

#69 This Strange Alien Dog Table At The Hotel I Work At

Image credits: Zvch-V

#70 There’s A Television In My Hotel Mirror

Image credits: Mikebyrneyadigg

#71 My Hotel Has Exit Signs Positioned Lower In Case Smoke Fills The Hallway And You Have To Crawl Out

Image credits: WoodGin

#72 The Building Next To My Hotel Has A Mini Golf Course On The Roof

Image credits: galermom

#73 This Ping Pong Halfpipe I Saw At A Hotel In Munich

Image credits: BentanX

#74 I Came Across This Living Green Wall In A Hotel Lobby In Florida

Image credits: curioboxfullofdicks

#75 This Sticker Hidden In My Hotel Drawer In Singapore Discreetly Pointing Towards Mecca So Muslims Know Which Way To Pray

Image credits: eddytkirk

#76 This Hotel Knows What’s Up

Image credits: lessthanusual

#77 The Way This Hotel Arranged The Firewood

Image credits: PurpleDeadmau5Fan

#78 This Hotel Uses Glass Straws

Image credits: omega3komma3

#79 This Tiny Hotel Room In Saint Petersburg, Russia

Image credits: nipplotapos

#80 Found This Very Efficient And Sturdy Made In Switzerland Clothes Dryer In My Hotel Room

Image credits:

#81 Seen At Hostel In San Francisco

Sign reads: “We have placed this makeup washcloth for your use in removing face and eye makeup. Please help in keeping our white towels… White.”

Image credits: SpecialQue_

#82 A Pillow Menu In A Hotel In Germany

Image credits: orf_46

#83 Carpet With Tracks In A Hotel In An Old Train Station

Image credits: miaaowwow

#84 My Hotel Room Had Two Pictures Of A Duck In It

Image credits: Anderceus

#85 My Hotel Soap Has A Hole In It

Image credits: BathT1m3

#86 My Hotel Room Came With A Ducky For The Bath

Image credits: mferris23

#87 See-Through Corner Of Swimming Pool Extends Out Of The Roof Of A Massive Hotel

Image credits: buckfasthero

#88 The Hotel I’m At Gives Out Mini Hot Sauces And Ketchups For Breakfast

Image credits: Sacktchy

#89 My Hotel Room Has A Heated Toilet Seat Among Other Things

Image credits: Lieutelant

#90 The Hotel Room I’m Staying At In Austria Provided A Little Sewing Kit

Image credits: alinac16

#91 Rather Than Using A Doorknob Hanger, My Hotel Has A Light Switch Indicator For Housekeeping

Image credits: EntropyVigilante

#92 This Light In The Hotel Looks Like A Minecraft Block

Image credits: GeniusPeanut

#93 The Complimentary Water In My Beijing Hotel Comes In Coke Bottles Recycled From The Olympic Games In Beijing 10 Years Ago

Image credits: pwickings

#94 The Hotel We Are Staying In Do These Ultra-Small Tubes Of Toothpaste

Image credits: cactusdan94

#95 My Hotel Room’s Bathroom Mirror Has A Digital Clock Embedded In It

Image credits: gabe840

#96 The Gym At The Hotel I’m Staying At Has Reusable Headphones

Image credits: minacbalen

#97 Arrived At My Hotel. “Do You Have A Pool Table?” “Yes”

Image credits: Jimmie0708

#98 Our Hotel Keycard Is Wooden Not Plastic

Image credits: bunnymamallama

#99 This Brass Plated Fire Hydrant Outside A Fancy Hotel

Image credits: bunny4e

#100 My Hotel Room Toilet Gives Enemas

Image credits: tbone81

#101 My Hotel Rooms Dimmers Darkest Setting Is Called “Play”

Image credits: gustavs-jobb-konto

#102 The Matching Curtains And Light Fixture At My Hotel

Image credits: sexismyart

#103 This Hotel In Colorado Has A Giant Slide

Image credits: Fuckmerit

#104 The Bed In My Hotel Room Is A Covered Wagon

Image credits: vicelordjohn

#105 The Key For My Hotel Room. Works Just Like An Insertable Key Card But On A Metal Key

Image credits: AndrewH-21

#106 I Noticed A Heart Shape In The Windows Of This Hotel In Seattle

Image credits: slothbarns7

#107 The Phone In My Hotel Room Has A Pizza Button

Image credits: Deastrumquodvicis

#108 This Champagne Vending Machine At A Hotel In Vail, CO

Image credits: thicc-daddy_senpai

#109 This Wallpaper In My Hotel Bathroom

Image credits: ThatDarnKayt

#110 The Hotel I Stayed At Had A Urinal In The Shower

Image credits: Simmo5150

#111 My Hotel Room In Honolulu Has The Bible And The Teachings Of Buddha

Image credits: _Wandering_Al

#112 I Think The Lighting Controls In My Hotel Room Were Made With Someone Else In Mind

Image credits: ohcleverusername

#113 My Hotel Room Has A TV In The Shower

Image credits: megakemp

#114 A Freebie In My Wife’s Hollywood Hotel Room. I Knew I Had Seen It Before

Image credits: StinkStar

#115 The Water Glasses At Our Hotel Had Our Room Number Etched In Them

Image credits: rddikulus

#116 The Shower At This Hotel Has A Hole In The Stationary Glass To Turn On The Water Without Being In The Shower

Image credits: The_Bigg_D

#117 This Shower Grate In My Hotel Bathroom

Image credits: wwwwwwdotcom

#118 Hotel In Jeddah Has An Arrow On The Ceiling To Show The Direction To Mecca

Image credits: springwarmth

#119 At The Hotel I’m At There’s A Keyboard On The Back Of The Remote

Image credits: Undead_Unicornn

#120 The Sink At My Hotel Is A Pan

Image credits: repsaj_

#121 A Coffin-Shaped Door At A Hotel

Image credits: TofuMess

#122 My Hotel Only Has One Hairdryer In The Public Hallway

Image credits: Mr-Brightside


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