Brendan Fraser Is Trending On Twitter Simply For Being Amazing And Here Are 39 Of The Best Tweets About Him

Brendan Fraser is all over Twitter simply for being awesome. The post Brendan Fraser Is Trending On Twitter Simply For Being Amazing And Here Are 39 Of The Best Tweets About Him first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

It’s not every day that you see Twitter filled with no one else but the star of George of the Jungle, Encino Man, and Rick O’Connell from The Mummy saga—Brendan Fraser. And it’s not that he has overdosed on drugs, started a campaign defending anonymous knitters’ rights, or his new movie is coming out next week. No, he is trending on Twitter right now for the sheer reason of people just loving him—for being Brendan Fraser. 

Users on the internet and true fans of the actor decided to take a moment and just stop, breathe, and appreciate how amazing Brendan Fraser is. And as we admire that for a second, let us know at end of the article which Brendan Fraser movie you will be re-watching tonight.

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After he was a hit actor in the ’90s and went on a sudden professional hiatus, fans started to miss the man. Mostly known for his role in The Mummy trilogy, he has starred in Crash, The Quiet American, and School Ties and also appeared in minor roles on TV every here and there, such as Scrubs. Some people on Twitter seemed not to have a favorite movie or have a favorite role created by Brendan Fraser, but were just so pleased to see him making the rounds on threads. So far the actor hasn’t responded to going viral and all the unconditional love his fans are showering him in, but one of the users imagined what his publicist would actually say about such a bizarre trend and it’s just spot on.


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And since Keanu Reeves has blessed everyone with John Wick, we all probably deserve everyone’s ’90s to return just like The Mummy did. One of his most recent works was Robotman in Doom Patrol, and now he apparently has landed a major project with the director of Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream, famed for not the lightest movies, Darren Arnofsky. And fans probably shouldn’t expect one of his signature light-hearted comedy-adventure roles—this time the role is said to be of a suicidal overweight man in A24’s upcoming production The Whale. At the end of the day, the actor’s fans might also be very happy with a 4th sequel of The Mummy, because why not.


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