Twitter Users Open Up About How They Get Petty Revenge On Their Partners When They Get Mad At Them

People are sharing what petty things they’ve done and pranks they’ve pulled to get back at their significant others instead of acting mature and talking things out. The post Twitter Users Open Up About How They Get Petty Revenge On Their Partners When They Get Mad At Them first appeared on...

Communication is everything in a healthy, happy, long-term relationship. Pardon the nautical terminology, but without having heart-to-heart chats, it’s less of a relationship and more like relationflotsam with two people clinging to debris and slowly drifting apart. Smooth sailing only happens when there’s mutual support.

However, there are times when a lack of communication can be the perfect opportunity for some comedy gold, as some couples on Twitter have proven. Bored Panda has collected some of the most hilarious tweets where people share what petty things they’ve done and pranks they’ve pulled to get back at their significant others instead of acting mature and talking things out.

As you scroll down, upvote your fave tweets and be sure to let us know if you’ve done anything similarly playful-yet-childish in your own relationships, dear Pandas. Also, read on for our interview about keeping relationships healthy and staying on the same page.


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Bored Panda spoke about how to strengthen relationships and how we can know for certain if things are meant to be with Barbara Honey, a counselor at ‘Relate,’ the UK’s largest provider of relationship support.

‘Relate’ counselor Barbara told us that one of the key things that she comes across in couples is not speaking enough to each other about important issues before getting married or immediately afterward. These issues can range from things like how they’ll approach finances to whether they want children.


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“We’d suggest having these conversations reasonably early on and then revisiting them later as people’s feelings often change,” Barbara highlighted the importance of openly and consistently communicating with your partner about everything, from minor to major issues.


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We were curious to find out how we can know for sure if the person we’re currently with is the one and only. “In my experience, a good way of knowing you are ready is if you feel that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. Of course, you may want to spend the rest of your life with somebody but not get married,” relationship expert Barbara said.


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Relationship counselor Barbara added that if you’re having “a lot of doubts,” it’s best to keep things slow and not rush into anything. “Think about whether you can be yourself about them, whether you have shared values and interests, enjoy each other’s company and how you work as a team, and resolve arguments. Think about it rationally with your head but also listen to your gut and whether it feels ‘right,’” she said.


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Meanwhile, during an earlier interview with ‘Relate’ counselor Barbara, Bored Panda learned all about how humor, laughter, and pranks can form a solid foundation for any relationship. Humor, playfulness, and having an optimistic outlook on life all help couples come even closer together and help create more common ground between them.


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“Another thing that bonds you is shared experiences and memories that you can look back on together. Familiarity doesn’t always breed contempt!” Barbara urged couples to spend more time doing shared activities with their significant others. In her opinion, routine doesn’t always lead to apathy.


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Balance is another key part of maintaining healthy relationships. As much as we need to experience life together, we also need to have some privacy for our own interests. Having both in our lives helps us stay appreciative rather than resentful.


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“Setting aside quality time for each other is important but also having your separate interests and time apart can increase your attraction to each other. Keep things playful and be appreciative of your partner,” Barbara said.


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How do you communicate about important issues in your own relationships, dear Readers? Do you like to pull playful pranks on your significant other? Do you think communication or humor is more important in a long-term relationship? Share what you think with all the other Pandas in the comments.


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