46 People Share Conspiracy Theories They Actually Believe

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The US seems to be the home sweet home of conspiracy theories. From Area 51 and Bigfoot sightings to chemtrails, New World Order, Freemasonry, Illuminati, Sandy Hook, “stolen election,” COVID-19 pandemic… Well, we don’t have that much time for naming them all. But you get an idea.

But wouldn’t it be great to look at the minds of people who actually believe the conspiracy theories and see what it is in there that makes them tick? Thanks to a redditor who posed the question “What conspiracy theory do you believe to be true? What evidence led you to this conclusion?”, we are now able to do just that.

Let’s see what exactly made people believe in one conspiracy or another, and don’t forget that the truth, it’s just out there.


The US will never publicly fund college because no one would enlist in the military.
The US will never add colleges to public funding like they did high schools because then the enlistment rate for the military would plummet.

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Priceless artwork and historical documents are replicas.
I’ve always speculated that a lot of priceless artwork and historical documents are actually replicas or copies.

Obviously a painting by a world-famous artist using a very specific technique would be very hard to fake, and I don’t think that every art scholar in the world is paid off in some grand conspiracy. Rather, I just think that either the national treasures never left their vaults or that some national treasures actually were lost to history but they were copied.

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The 10-year challenge was used to collect facial recognition data.
The 10-year challenge all over social media is actually a way to record and gather more facial recognition data.

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That the government uses social media to manipulate, and measure public sentiment and opinion.

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I believe that the government probably makes some conspiracy theories to try to make questioning the government seem somewhat crazy.

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UFO sightings are just humans from the future on a time-traveling safari.
All the UFO sightings throughout history are just humans from the future on a time-traveling safari meant to observe how we were in the past. They are supposed to keep out of sight, but thanks to human/mechanical errors, there have been hiccups with their cloaking which have resulted in being seen. That’s why there have always been so many reports of them throughout history, but there has never been an attack. It’s just us.

Also the reason why we don’t see as many examples of UFOs now even though pretty much everyone has a camera is because people are not that interested in this time period since we already document aspects of human life all the time.

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Women’s fake pockets are a marketing ploy.
Women’s pants have fake pockets to make us buy purses.

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White Star Line swapped the identities of the Titanic and the Olympic so they could collect insurance money.
At some point after the Titanic was completed, White Star Line switched the identities of the ships. The new ‘Titanic’ was actually the Olympic and the ‘Olympic’ was actually the brand-spanking-new Titanic, fresh from the construction yard with zero problems and zero history. They intended for the ‘Titanic’ to suffer some sort of failure that would result in the destruction of the problem ship so they could collect the insurance money.

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All my devices listen in on me. The other day I was arguing with my Dad about some chicken I thought had gone off (it was frozen for about a month so we weren’t too sure but my Dad was insistent that it was still edible). Dad decided to ask Google, and low and behold the related searches even from the first letter were: “Is chicken edible after being frozen for a month” and “How long can you freeze chicken before it goes off”.

Also, my Mum and I use this tactic where if we need to ring up a company about something and it puts us in a queue, we swear at it. It then puts you on a priority list and you don’t have to wait as long. Kinda sketchy on the company’s behalf.

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Disney only named a movie Frozen to distract from ‘frozen head’ Google searches.
That Disney made a movie named Frozen so that when people google things like ‘frozen’ and ‘Disney’ together, info about the movie comes up instead of stories about Walt Disney’s frozen head.

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I believe in the mattress store conspiracy, so the conspiracy is that mattress stores are for money laundering. I went onto google maps and typed in ‘mattress stores near me’. There were 4 MATTRESS STORES IN THE SAME SHOPPING CENTER. There was a road that had 5 mattress stores less than a mile apart. So I definitely believe in it.

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The Hawaii nuke false alarm was a test.
The Hawaii nuke false alarm last year was actually the US government testing to see how the general population would react if an actual nuclear war broke out.

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The lines on the detergent caps are higher than they should be so you use more detergent for each load of laundry. It’s so easy for them to get away with it

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The countdown timers on ads for games or streaming services are actually longer than seconds. Seems too long sometimes.

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Restaurant owners sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to embarrass you.
Restaurant owners know how awkward it is to be sung to in front of the whole establishment, and they do it to discourage people from taking advantage of their free birthday food.

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Jamie Hewlett from Gorillaz is Banksy.
A forensics specialist believes Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz is Banksy.

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Apple started the AirPod memes.
I believe that Apple started the ‘wearing AirPods = cool/rich’ meme intentionally to boost sales. They became the best-selling wireless earbuds worldwide after the meme.

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Modern art exists solely for money laundering.
I believe that modern/minimalistic art exists solely for money laundering. It’s just a way for rich people to move money around. There’s a reason why paintings of plain geometric shapes sell for millions of dollars, and it’s not because the buyers are really into shapes

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Beards are messing with facial recognition software.
I think the government orchestrated the news report about beards containing more bacteria than a dog that just licked his own asshole. Beards are messing with facial recognition software. ‘The Man’ wants beards to not be trendy anymore.

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Tinder gives fake ‘You got a new match!’ notifications to get you to swipe more.
I have a theory that Tinder gives fake ‘You got a new match!’ notifications so people get excited and open Tinder, which leads them to swipe more.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 wasn’t an accident. There were definitely external forces that catalyzed its disappearance. The flight path was diverted many times and there was a lot of shady stuff about some of the passengers and the pilot of Flight 370. We may never know unless the plane is found.

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I believe the US military went to Afghanistan in order to seize control of the Poppy fields and instead of destroying them they manufactured black tar and other forms of heroin and sent it back to the states. I have several friends that were marines in Afghanistan and they’ve confirmed these suspicions. The drugs got worse after being in Afghanistan not better or more contained. The USA military is the biggest cartel in the world

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I think the US made a secret peace plan with China after the Korean war. I base this on the way Chinese foreign policy changed so quickly and their lack of involvement in American wars in the decades to come. I think it fell apart in the 90’s under Bush Sr.

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I used to tell people that I believed the government listened to or phone calls. Years later some guy named Snowden proved me right.

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Area 51 is not a place for secret government/military testing with aliens and stuff, instead Area 51 is a scapegoat while shady behind the scenes stuff is going on at another military base that the general public doesnt know about.

I mean if you were really going to do something in secrecy, would you do it in the place where everyone thinks it is? Hell no! I dont have any specific evidence to back this up but it makes sense right?

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I’m starting to believe anti-dandruff shampoo actually causes dandruff.

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The bacon industry is ever so slightly making normal sliced bacon thinner every few years,so that eventually,what was once considered normal sliced bacon becomes thick cut,thus saving the big bacon industry money.

My only evidence is the fact that my bacon,which I have always and will only buy from a specific brand,seems to be getting thinner and thinner,more flimsy,more likely to fall apart as I get it out of the package.

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Banks and landowners conspire to manipulate urban land prices. Turn an area into a ghetto by marking it as a high-risk loan proposition, denying loans in the area. Property values plummet on a down-town area because no one can sell, because no one can get a loan. Once things are down enough, you can buy up prime location land at pennies on the dollar then re-develop it into being worth the ‘real’ market value of such a central location, plus what you invested in the actual development.

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I believe that chapstick causes lips to become more dry a couple hours after usage. I base this on the fact that my lips are more dry 5 hours after using chapstick than 2 days after using it

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Disney made Zootopia partly to replace the Song of the South characters from Splash Mountain.

Splash Mountain is really the only thing that still exists in the public eye from Song of the South (along with the song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah”), since Disney wants to pretend that movie doesn’t exist. So they created a movie featuring fox and rabbit characters that could replace Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit, and re-theme the entire ride to be Zootopia themed, while leaving some things (like the name, and the songs featured in the ride) from Song and the South.

There’s also that Disney loves re-theming things to their IP now (getting rid of Maelstrom and bringing in a Frozen themed ride), so it would make sense for them to re-theme a ride to a successful recent movie than keep a ride based off an old, mildly racist movie they’re trying to forget.

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That there is a huge pedophile ring in Hollywood, anyone who tries to expose them die shortly after coincidentally.

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23 and Me is run by the government to collect your DNA and database it for later.

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Our apartment building has windows that are nearly impossible to affix a screen to, same goes for the sliding doors. The power is centralised and locked in to a certain expensive power company. I believe the developer and power company conspired to make people living in the apartments use the aircon more by making it hard to keep windows open without dozens of mosquitoes coming inside.

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The Vela Incident. I got to collect a bunch of Geiger counter data from a cube sat a couple years ago and picked up a serious radiation spike over this random island. Googled the coordinates and it turns out to be a potential secret Israeli-South African nuclear testing site.

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Sony killed Michael Jackson. He owned the rights to the Beatles discography. After he died, Sony had remastered versions of every Beatles album available days after MJ’s estate sold the rights to Sony. There’s no way they could have remastered the albums and published the CDs in that short amount of time.

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Gas station owners are the ones putting the card scammers on the pumps. They don’t want your info, they want you to distrust pay at the pump so you’ll come inside and make an impulse buy. Most stations barely make any money of gas, the money is in the stuff they sell inside.

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That the dust the Kleenex tissue have, makes you sneeze more, therefore using more tissues.

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The Area 51 caller on Art Bell’s show was a prank call, but it wasn’t Bryan Glass like he says. The connection dropping was pure coincidence.

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Modern drug prohibition is a “for profit” endeavor perpetrated by governments for the benefit of pharmaceutical corporations, prison industrials, and warlords.

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Iheartradio coordinates commercials breaks to all take place simultaneously so you’re forced to listen to ads even you change the station. They’re practically a monopoly in my area and I notice it happens to me all the time.

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Michael Jordan’s father was murdered in retribution for Jordan not paying off massive gambling debt. Jordan didn’t retire and then come back, he was suspended for gambling. In the mid 90’s, Michael Jordan was an industry. The truth about his gambling habits may have cost a lot of people a lot of money, so the cover story was presented.

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Gum’s gotten mintier lately. Have you noticed? Like, some of it’s just too minty.

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When Ted Kaczynski (the unabomber) was at Harvard, he participated in a brutal psychological experiment led by professor Henry Murray. The experiment lasted for three years and by many accounts they seemed to have an extreme impact on Kaczynski’s psyche. I think this experiment was part of the CIA’s MKUltra project and destabilized Kaczynski enough to where he eventually went on his reign of terror of sending bombed packages around the country.

During the MKUltra project, the CIA collaborated with university professors on these mind-control experiments but a lot of the documentation was destroyed when people started to look into it.

TL;DR: The unabomber participated in an experiment that was a part of the MKULtra project that eventually led to him becoming a mass-murderer.

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I believe that human civilization may have gotten as advanced as we are now in the distant past.

First, anatomically modern humans have been around for soy like 300,000 years. Civilization, from the earliest settlement we know of to today is maybe 20,000 years old. In short, there’s absolutely plenty of time to go from Sumerians to Americans nearly 10 times over in the time span between the first modern humans and Sumerians. And given that there’s nothing unusual about the humans who built Sumer.

Second, there are lots of legends about human civilization being destroyed by angry gods, usually because of humans behaving badly. The Greeks had a story like that, the Bible, the Hopi, the Zarathustrians, just about any place where there’s a record, you can find history of and often prophecies of a catastrophe that ends civilization and more often than not, caused by human hubris.

Third, there are all kinds of anomalies in history. Egypt has model airplanes, Indian scripture has Vimenas that sound a lot like airplanes or spacecraft. There’s the pi Reis map that shows Antarctica before it had been discovered, and it’s accurate. These things don’t make sense unless you have people understanding technology near our own level before us.

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Government feeding crack cocaine into black communities.


Denver international Airport is a front for some weird illuminati/New World Order stuff.

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