Hey Pandas, Show A Picture Of Something That Gives You Nostalgia

All you gotta do is show a picture of something that reminds you of your childhood! That's it! The post Hey Pandas, Show A Picture Of Something That Gives You Nostalgia first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

All you gotta do is show a picture of something that reminds you of your childhood! That’s it!

#1 Ok Ok Hear Me Out Though

#2 The Intro To Video Games For Me

#3 Mix Tapes On Casettes

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#4 Everyone Wanted One Of These In 1996

#5 I Used To Accompany My Mom To A Grocer’s So I Can Rent These Books From A Store Next To It

#6 Snes Super Mario World, I Still Have A Snes And This Game Has Been My Favourite Since I Was 15

#7 Pogs

#8 Classic

#9 Me And My Dad Goofing Around In A Photo Booth. I’m Nine

#10 Commodore 64, Our First Home Computer, So Much Fun

#11 The Greatest Toy Ever!!!

#12 Going Here To Rent Movies

#13 We Used To Play Dodge Jarts. Yes, All The Toys Wanted To Kill You In The 70’s

#14 Dinosaurs, I Miss Them

#15 Come On Guys… This Is The Correct Answer

#16 Recess

#17 1982…. Best Times Of My Youth (And Today)!

#18 Been Planning Deaths Since The Early Days

#19 Troll Dolls. I Had So Many As A Kid And I Wish I Still Had Most Of Them

#20 My Brother And I Loved Our Big Wheels. I Liked To Turn Mine Into A Rime Machine. Good Times

#21 Most Of You Were Not Yet Born, But I Was There !!! I Don’t Have Any Original Photos Of The Event, Just The Ones I Find In The Media, But I Was There !!!

#22 Still Standing Strong But Few Are Missing (Google Street View)

#23 This Was Released Way Before I Was Born, But I Remember Playing This A Few Times

#24 50 Cents So My Sister Could Beat Me, Everyday After School, We Were Tricked Into Growing Up!

#25 They Smell Alone Would Bring Me Back!

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#26 Dino Nuggies And Potato Smileys

#27 I Still Have This Song Stuck In My Head After All These Years

#28 Any One Else Do This?

#29 This Logo Screen

#30 The Best Book Series Ever?

#31 Golden Axe

#32 One Of These Bad Boys

#33 Full House

#34 Garbage Pail Kids. I Loved These, Had Lots Of Them, Still Have Them. And The Smell

#35 Where Do I Start; Countless Hours, Happiness And Of Course, Sayyyy-Gerrrr!

#36 Ah, Those Angry Teachers!!

#37 Collecting Beanie Babies

#38 Many Hours And Lots Of Ink Spent On This!

#39 Ren And Stimpy Show

#40 Telephone Booth Whidby Island Washington. This Picture Is One Of My Most Prized On My Roll

#41 Girls Were Playing This All The Time During Recess – Chinese Jump Rope!

#42 I Had One Of These! It Became An Extention Of My Body

#43 Bagpuss

#44 New Kids On The Block Pjs With A Color Forms Set On Christmas Morning, Anyone?

#45 1970’s Breyer Horses. Still Have All 13 In A Box Somewhere

#46 Mattel’s 33” Space1999 Eagle – 45+ Years Has Earned It It’s Place In The Rec-Room

#47 Ladies… Who Else Is Embarrassed We Ever Wore This Growing Up?

#48 Cyberchase, The Absolute Best Show On PBS KIDS

#49 Here’s The Only Arcade Game I Ever Truly Mastered

#50 God You Don’t Know How Much I Loved This As A Kid. Couldn’t Find A Better Image Online, Sorry

#51 You Can Hear This Picture

#52 Tell Me I’m Wrong… I’ll Wait…

#53 I Played This Game So Much!

#54 Vertibird!

#55 The Golden Age Of The 49ers (Sigh)

#56 The Excitement Of Opening These In The 90s Was Unbeatable.

#57 2xl … His Jokes Were Dad Joke Level!

#58 This Game Frustrated Me So Much

#59 Old Internet

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#60 Chu-Bobs: Bubble-Gum Records In Miniature Album Covers

#61 Time To Show My Age……. Artillery Game For Dos

#62 Playing LEGO Racers Back In The Day

#63 Stampy Cat… I Can’t Be The Only One!

#64 Chrome Canvas! I Played This As A Kid!

#65 Still Have All The Pieces

#66 Shidonni, That Beautiful, Amazing, Precious Game. I Was Born In The 2000s So Probably Not As Old As Most Things On This List But I Remembered This Today And Im Crying I Miss This Game So Much

#67 The Ferrari Of Bikes In ’85

#68 I Tried My Best To Take A Screenshot, But You Get The Idea

#69 Thank You For The Beautiful Childhood ?

#70 VR From The 90s

#71 Loved This Show… Made In Canada But Very Popular In Australia!

#72 For Me, Its Botw

#73 Riding This From Detroit Or Wyandotte To Boblo, The Amusement Park On An Island In The Middle Of The River.

#74 I Miss Texas Children’s Hospital (N My Old Doc N Nurses) In Houston. I Love You, Children’s!!!

#75 Football Sticker Albums. When School Became A Swap Market

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