137 Epic Stair Design Fails That May Result In Some Serious Injuries (New Pics)

These ‘what they were thinkin’? stairs make ladders look like premium lifts in comparison. The post 137 Epic Stair Design Fails That May Result In Some Serious Injuries (New Pics) first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

I think it’s only fair to agree on one simple thing. If an indoor space, or an outdoor one, for that matter, has a stairway, however long or short, it should serve its function. First, it should bring us up and down at least one level and second, it should be safe. That’s the bare minimum, right?

But it turns out, some stair designers out there have had their minds spun by invisible hamsters on a wheel. Right below, it becomes very clear why. You see, if the stairs cost you a potentially immeasurable amount of broken legs, you’d be better off without them.

Bored Panda has compiled the most absurd cases of stair designs gone very wrong that make a ladder look like a premium lift in comparison. My popcorn is ready, how about you?

#1 No Broken Legs I Know Of

Image credits: slepsteRwasTaken

#2 They Built This School Like One Month Ago

Image credits: WifideRouter

#3 Steps That You Can’t See

Image credits: Paarnahkrin

#4 That’s How I Broke My Leg

Image credits: Dis-Man-8

#5 Not A Paradox, Just A Normal Russian Architecture

#6 I Think My Stairs Fit Here

Image credits: IsItKandar

#7 Access For Wheelchairs On These Stairs

Image credits: CptnTryhard

#8 I Saw This At My School

Image credits: Frezzi54

#9 These Stairs In My In-Laws’ Summerhouse. We Have Parties Here So Going Down These Stairs Drunk Is A Challenge

Image credits:

#10 I Present To You Jeans Stairs Or Jairs

Image credits: Mr_PoodlePants

#11 The “Extra” Two Inches Of Concrete At The Top Of My Stairs. We Call It “The Tripper”

Image credits: DesertVol

#12 The Perfect Building To Have Stairs In Front Of

Image credits: ROPISUS

#13 I Can See Why Someone Wanted To Fix This

Image credits: Centella111

#14 These Are Stairs In My Town. Just How?

Image credits: kprincess

#15 Imagine Being Drunk

Image credits: M3strefi

#16 Found This Beauty At My Local College

Image credits: GelatinSkeleton3

#17 You Have To Go Up The Stairs, And Then Down The Stairs To Get To The Door

Image credits: ScorpionPC

#18 Stairs From The Top

Image credits:

#19 Don’t Think The Owner Of This Hotel Thought This Through

Image credits: mediagarden

#20 Escalator/Stairs Combo

Image credits: Thund3rl1ps

#21 A Staircase At My Uni

Image credits: ixorabones

#22 The Longer You Stair, The Worse It Gets

Image credits: GoGators2

#23 These Stairs Carpeted With A Pattern That Makes It Hard To See The Edge

Image credits: ke4ukz

#24 Got An Unsatisfying Feeling When Walking Downstairs And The Last Step Was Not There

Image credits: antglin

#25 Stairway To Heaven

Image credits: spookydaddio

#26 Painted In A Hotel Stairwell Leading To Fitness Center

Image credits: Westonhaus

#27 An Alternate Path For Disabled With… Steps

Image credits: theseynois

#28 Just A Staircase In St. Petersburg

Image credits: Hellerick

#29 And Sometimes People Use The Left Part

Image credits: Lord_neah

#30 Why Don’t You Just Use All The Stairs?

Image credits: marytheuseless

#31 When I Tripped On The Stairs I Cut My Arm On These Things, And Continued To Fall Down The Stairs (I’m The 5th Victim This Week)

Image credits: JeffKaplanFromOW

#32 You Gotta Pay Attention On These Stairs In A Cinema

Image credits: DurkleR

#33 There Are Three Steps Down At The Entrance To This Lobby

Image credits: HothHanSolo

#34 I’m Sorry, But How Is This Even Remotely Designed To Be Wheelchair Accessible? It’s Insulting To Even Have The Sign There

Image credits: ShesGotSauce

#35 These Stairs At Our Hotel

Image credits: Zvek_Eagle

#36 New Staircase At My School

Image credits: OmegaBrightBlade

#37 Wasting A Third Of The Staircase

Image credits: Inuj

#38 If You Walk On The Right You Fall Down A Staircase

Image credits: Banana_Moose123

#39 Wheelchair Ramp To A Staircase In A Mall In Haugesund, Norway

Image credits: 01aleksander

#40 When Personal Injury Lawers Moonlight As Interior A Designer

Image credits: HK23E

#41 This Fuzzy Staircase

Image credits: analogHedgeHog

#42 Great Paint Job, Especially That Last “Step”

Image credits: leinamichelle

#43 This Is Russia

Image credits: sergeserge

#44 When Your Gym Tries Hard To Motivate You But Fails To Make Any Sense

Image credits: james_pawned

#45 Stairway To Heaven

Image credits: JohanCruijfff

#46 Pubic Hair-Themed Handrails

Image credits: TimelessGlassGallery

#47 All The Privacy You Need

Image credits: cciva

#48 This Bathroom With Too Many Stairs

Image credits: bgwinup

#49 My School Has A Staircase To Nowhere

Image credits: MrLRG

#50 These Stairs At My Friend’s House

Image credits: Tom_Theunissen

#51 Whoever Designed Those, Must Have Not Been Sober

Image credits: RzRshRp98

#52 This Staircase

Image credits: jayapuraupdate

#53 A Handicap Ramp With A Step At The Bottom

Image credits: Hu-Ha

#54 These Are Right Next To The Stairs In My School

Image credits: R0n4ld_Th3_B0y

#55 We Do Really Loud

Image credits: fussy0

#56 One Half Of The Stairs Has A Bar Across The Path For No Apparent Reason

Image credits: USSR_Octopus

#57 These Deadly Looking Stone Decorations

Image credits: Pomoc48

#58 Stairwell At My University

Image credits: cornmeal_witty

#59 This “Handicap Friendly” Staircase

#60 This Escalator Starts After The First Set Of Stairs

Image credits: PM_ME_COBBER

#61 In Our Company, There Is A Stairway Into Oblivion

Image credits: Kabelwurst

#62 Earn The Escalator

Image credits: Tropenkackbaer

#63 Somehow, I Managed To Go 5 Blissfully Ignorant Stair-Traversing Years Without Noticing

Image credits:

#64 Poor Choice In Carpet For Steps

Image credits: checkmarshall

#65 These Stairs In A Mexican Beach Resort (Near Cabo San Lucas)

Image credits: ThePiedPiperOfYou

#66 You Either Have To Leave The Stairwell Or Climb The Bar If You Want The Upper Floors

Image credits: FoxFyre1

#67 Never Thought I’d See A Staircase Like This With My Own Eyes

Image credits: Dooompancake

#68 This Staircase

Image credits: MrHallmark

#69 Staircase Installation

Image credits: Liampj

#70 A Useful Staircase At The Mall

Image credits: raucouscaucus7756

#71 This Crappy Staircase At My School

Image credits: noabryan

#72 These Long Stairs That Require You To Have Either One Awkwardly Long Stride Or Two Awkwardly Short Strides For Each Step

Image credits: ruinrunner

#73 These Stairs At My Grandma’s House

Image credits: yeetearmus

#74 These Stairs Lead To A Wall

Image credits: xXFall3nLegacy

#75 Invisible Step At My Parent’s New House That Has Injured 4 Of My Family

Image credits: Vindicore

#76 This 3” Step In My Sister’s Hallway. I Have Stubbed My Toe 3 Times In 2 Hours

Image credits: jamdannad

#77 A Pillar In The Middle Of A Stairway

Image credits: kermass

#78 This Stairway At My Doctor’s Office Where You Have Exit And Reenter To Keep Going Down

Image credits: rocketsauze

#79 This Handrail

Image credits: sfmarq

#80 Accessibility Ramp To The Stairs

Image credits: Sekmet19

#81 Don’t Come Stumbling In This House Drunk At Night

Image credits: togish

#82 My House Has Many Of These Architect Flaws (I Live In Brazil), One Of Them Is The Flaw In The Ceiling Of The Living Room’s Stairs That Makes My Mom’s Bathroom Have Stairs

Image credits: Louas52

#83 These Thin Stairs

Image credits: Dawndolphin12

#84 This Stairwell

Image credits: YourGavenIsShowing

#85 This Stairwell Without A Crossover

Image credits: paulbrec

#86 This Staircase In My Hotel

Image credits: DrDiagnonsense

#87 A Hotel Room For Disabled People With A Staircase

Image credits: Husky

#88 These Stairs Have An Extra Step That’s Only An Inch

Image credits: Woweewowow

#89 The Los Angeles Subway Designed Their Stairs To Look Like Escalators. You Don’t Notice Until You Turn The Corner

Image credits: hotdoug1

#90 Weird Stairs, You Climb Up Them And Then You’re Met With A Small Set Of Stairs That Go Down

Image credits: Ziro23

#91 The Spiral Stairs At My House. Im Barely 5’7″

Image credits: aAnonymX06

#92 Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms With Stairs

Image credits: FirrballSW

#93 Is This How Architects Commit Murder?

Image credits: TLEPaz

#94 This Staircase To Nowhere At My University

Image credits: Grizzzed

#95 Some Homemade Stairs Someone On Facebook Did. They Seemed Really Proud, But I Don’t Think They Thought This Through

#96 Half Of The Staircase Is Blocked Off At The Top

Image credits: FrenchJackhammer

#97 Oh So You Want The Wheelchair Ramp? Climb

Image credits: StormCoffeeCat

#98 This Apartment Has A Bench Attached To The Stairs

Image credits: FallenAster

#99 The Disabled Bathroom? It’s Right There – Up The Step

Image credits: Titwank911

#100 Every 4th Step Is Slightly Longer Than The Others, Making You Almost Stumble Down

Image credits: lolcop01

#101 Handrail That Funnels People Onto Ever-Narrower Steps

Image credits: HAHA_goats

#102 It Isn’t A Step. I Almost Tripped

Image credits: lI_DarkHorse_Il

#103 This Top Step I Almost Tripped On While Heading Down

Image credits: Watick

#104 Stairs With “Extra Steps”

Image credits: martinsalmi

#105 The First Step Doesn’t Step Down, Almost Tripped

Image credits: matrixgamer35

#106 Who Needs Clearly Visible Steps On An Outdoor Starway?

Image credits: hDruck

#107 Fun Stairs

Image credits: TrueWarrior

#108 I Always Trip On These Stairs Every Time Walk On Them

Image credits: Capn_Tyler97

#109 Watching My Cholesterol, Better Take The Stairs

Image credits: congratsyoucanread

#110 I Raise You One “Most Useless Staircase In The World”

Image credits: wonkothesane13

#111 Guess I’ll Just Walk Out Of My Wheelchair To Climb Those Stairs And Then Continue Happily On The Ramp. When I Come Back I’ll Do A Backflip

Image credits: stef_dan

#112 Stairs In One Of My Lecture Halls

Image credits: holaamigo000

#113 Wheelchair Accessible Washrooms Are Located On The Second Floor. Just A Quick Trip Up The Escalator

Image credits: _timewasted

#114 This Totally Misleading Handrail

Image credits: YouSayItLikeItsBad

#115 These Ridiculously Helpful Stairs

Image credits: littlematerz1

#116 So… What Are These Stairs For? They Don’t Lead Anywhere

Image credits: vitor_k890

#117 The Lift In This Building Is On Every Alternate Half-Level From Where The Doors To The Houses Are

Image credits: caffeine_lights

#118 You Can’t Really See The Step

Image credits: NoahSpielt

#119 This Six Inch Wide Triangle Window In A Stairwell On My Campus. Just Why?

Image credits: KamikazeBeaverShark

#120 This Stairwell

Image credits: bastian74

#121 This Staircase In Mexico. I Nearly Fell Down

Image credits: watermelman

#122 Garage Door Opens To Middle Of Staircase

Image credits: nandeen

#123 This Staircase

Image credits: itay227

#124 Useless Stair

Image credits: Fritzschmied

#125 Not Only Do These Stairs Alternate Heights, But They Are Uncomfortable To Go 1 Nor 2 At A Time Because Of The Length Alternation

Image credits: ToxicGaming8273

#126 Stairs Leading Nowhere

Image credits: klaafas

#127 This Staircase At My Work

Image credits: Naturedudephos

#128 These Stairs Go Into A Block Wall

Image credits: LeprosyDick

#129 These Stairs Lead Nowhere

Image credits: derekmckinnon

#130 Where Do Those Other Stairs Go

Image credits: andrewisxwz

#131 Stairs To Nowhere

Image credits: CancerHobbit

#132 My Apartment Building. Many Old People Have Complained Cause They Have A Hard Time Getting Up The Stairs But Management Just Told Them To Go The Extra 50 Meters And Take The Elevator

Image credits: jespereklund

#133 I Don’t Understand Why’d You Even Waste Concrete With These Stairs

Image credits: harrisz2

#134 These Steps At My University

Image credits: Hunt3rLl0yd

#135 My Sister’s Staircase

Image credits: tryingwithmarkers

#136 What Is The Point Of The Left Side Of The Stairs?

Image credits: ThickSpaghettiSause

#137 Pipe Blocking Stairway

Image credits: ERENSAVAGE


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