180 Unusual Maps People Shared On This Group That Might Change Your Perspective On Things (New Pics)

There’s a wonderful online community that’s dedicated to beautiful and intriguing maps that will wow you and make you see the world from a whole other perspective. I’m in heaven. The post 180 Unusual Maps People Shared On This Group That Might Change Your Perspective On Things (New Pics) first appeared on...

There’s a wonderful online community on Reddit that’s dedicated to beautiful, intriguing, and artistic maps that will wow you and make you see the world from a whole other perspective. As someone who loves doodling maps in my spare time, I’m in heaven. And even though our generous and benevolent social media overlords [cough cough] don’t allow us to mention the full name of the subreddit because of one particular word that it uses, make sure you visit the group, check out their latest maps, and maybe even become members yourselves, dear Pandas!

In the meantime, let’s enjoy some gorgeous and interesting maps, shall we? Remember to upvote your fave pics as you continue scrolling. In need of an extra mega map fix? You’ll find Bored Panda’s previous posts about the ‘Map [Whoops Can’t Mention That Word Here Anymore]’ community right here, as well as here.

We reached out to the founder and moderator of the subreddit, Patrick McGranaghan. He told Bored Panda all about how his passion for maps was first sparked, as well as how amateur cartographers can develop their sense of style and design to create better maps and do their imaginations justice.

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#1 USA In Drawn In 3 Lines. Boundaries Marked With Gaps (The Best I Could)

Image credits: tfoust10

#2 Occupied Bald Eagle Nests In Wisconsin. 1974 vs. 2019. Growth Credited To The Clean Water Act

Image credits: Norcan987

#3 The United States Of America: Alaskan Perspective

Image credits: loliplip

“I developed my passion for maps very early. My family traveled and moved around a lot. My dad taught me how to read maps and I would help him navigate. I used to flip through our Rand McNally atlas to pass hours traveling across the countryside. Maps are invitations to explore and visit new places. They give security in the knowledge that there’s a way to get to your destination. If all else fails, a map will be your guide,” Patrick shared how he first became acquainted with maps and how his passion grew. It hits close to home.

Patrick also reminisced about the moment he came up with the idea for the subreddit, back when he was living in a small flat in Taipei, in Taiwan. “I knew that I had a good idea and it felt almost electric. Like a fork in the road and your destiny is changing. When I moved back to the states I was able to find a career making maps (as a land surveyor) and I am grateful every day that I can do something that I love.”

#4 Wolf Distribution In Italy From 1900 To 2020

Image credits: Risingmagpie

#5 This Is My Wedding Gift To My Wife. We Get Married Next Sunday. I Used A Woodburning Kit To Burn A Map Of All The States We Have Visited As A Couple. We Both Love To Travel And Backpack Do I Want To To Keep Adding To It As We Get Older

Image credits: Doofinx

#6 Europe Seen From Russia (Made In The 1950s)

Image credits: cpt_t37

Doing what we love for a living is a godsend. And though everyone might be there, plenty of us have felt the ‘electric’ feeling that Patrick’s talking about where genuine excitement meets the potential for greatness.

Even though a lot of the amateur cartographers found on the subreddit have great ideas and are overflowing with creativity, their execution needs work to make the end results look less “hasty and skeletal.” Patrick explained that some people need to develop their tastes for style and design. Luckily, he had some helpful tips for you and me.

“It is not that they are bad, it’s just that they don’t know that they can make their maps so much better. I’m talking about things like fonts and information boxes, detail and vicinity maps, adding gradients to water features, thoughtful color choices, shadows behind place markers. The subtleties are what make maps exquisite,” he detailed.

#7 Euler Diagram-Map Of The British Isles

Image credits: InkyScrolls

#8 Light Blue Is A Map As We Know It And Dark Blue Is The Actual Size Of Each Country

Image credits: aisbosseth

#9 To Combat The Threat Of Desertification Of The Sahel (The Region Immediately To The South Of The Sahara), The African Union Is Leading An Initiative To Plant The Great Green Wall, A 7,775 Km (4,830 Mi) Belt Of Trees Crossing The Entire Breadth Of North Africa

Image credits:

“The best way to learn how to do these things is to look at lots maps and see how other cartographers solve these problems. Imitate the masters. Read a few books on cartography and design. Some of the books that influenced me are ‘Info We Trust’ by RJ Andrews, ‘Cartography’ by Kenneth Field, and ‘Things Maps Don’t Tell Us’ by Armin Lobeck. If you can integrate the ideas in these books you’ll be a league above the average amateur cartographer.”

As for the future? Patrick’s waiting for the Covid-19 pandemic to die down and go traveling again. Among his plans is visiting the Baltic countries, especially the Soviet map store in Latvia.

#10 Satellite Map Of Vatican City

Image credits: AJgloe

#11 Olympus Mons On Mars, The Largest Volcano In Our Solar System, Compared To Arizona

Image credits: ADarkcid

#12 Indo-European Language Family Tree

Image credits: Dovlatus

With nearly 1.3 million members, the map-loving subreddit is a cartography powerhouse on the net (and it’s making me itch to start drawing a few maps of my own again). In June of 2020, the subreddit had just shy of a million members, so they’re continuing to grow steadily.

The group has been on Reddit since the late spring of 2011 and will be looking forward to its 10th birthday in just a few short months. What with the rise and fall of online groups every single day, reaching the decade-long mark is no easy feat and it speaks to the quality of the content they share.

#13 A Map Of Finland’s Bear Population, Made Up Of Bears

Image credits: Asmodeane

#14 United Kingdom

Image credits: orialairo

#15 I Made A Retro Pixel Map Of The USA! Tried To Include Some Of The Iconic Monuments/Locations That Resonated With Me

Image credits:

In previous interviews with the founder of the subreddit, Patrick, Bored Panda learned all about the history of how the group was founded, as well as what kinds of maps you can expect to find. Patrick, a land surveyor from Colorado, founded the community while he was living in Taiwan in 2011.

A map geek through and through just like some of my colleagues and I, Patrick wanted to create a place where people could easily find and discuss beautiful maps. Patrick is also a member of the North American Cartographic Information Society, the Carles Close Society for the Study of Ordnance Survey Maps, the Rocky Mountain Map Society, among other groups.

#16 The World Of Infrastructure

Image credits:

#17 The True Size Of New Guinea

Image credits: BerryBlue_BlueBerry

#18 If You Flew In A Straight Line From Mcallen, Texas To Bangkok, Thailand, You Would Only Spend About 50 Miles Over Water

Image credits: semsr

According to the founder, there was a time not too long ago when the internet was much more chill about using certain words while naming online groups. “In the years since the culture on the internet has taken a much more puritan bias and some people don’t like that name,” he explained and I can’t help but agree with him—you have to really watch what you write and say nowadays. And the internet sometimes seems like it doesn’t understand subtlety, sarcasm, irony, or jokes anymore.

#19 Most Googled Countries In Europe (Except Their Own)

Image credits: GergoliShellos

#20 Where Flamingos Are Found Naturally In The World

Image credits: cheeseface35

#21 I Think Us Election Is Not About Republicans vs. Democrats But Urban vs. Rural

Image credits: Europehunter

Patrick explained to Bored Panda that there’s a bit of everything for everyone in the group: from historical and funny maps to imaginary and linguistic maps and more. “One of my favorite interactions is when a map is posted of an obscure place and someone in the comments says they live there or has a story about that place,” he said.

“Maps are a way to visualize the world in a way that is easy to grasp. They are an aid in learning about new lands and faraway places. They help us find our way when we are lost,” Patrick pointed out, adding that during the pandemic they can be great ways for us to travel while staying at home.

#22 Arizona Voting Precincts And Arizona Native American Reservations

Image credits: tri_it_again

#23 The Shire – English Counties Ending In ‘Shire’

Image credits: trail_bagger

#24 The Topography Of Italy

Image credits: boytutoy

One of the categories on the subreddit is dedicated to political realignments that redraw borders and all I can say is that I’m a major fan. They’re imaginative, creative, funny, and make us look at history in an entirely different way. Playing ‘what if…’ games is a lot of fun.

Why do people love maps? Because they’re aesthetic. Because they’re like picture books for adults. Because you can get lost in them for days and they awaken your sleeping desire to go on an adventure. Because they reveal a novel way of looking at life that we’re not used to. And because squiggly lines are fun to draw. Or at least these are all the reasons why I love cartography (yours might be different).

#25 It Visible Difference Between Turkey And Syria Territory

Image credits: cCc_USER_cCc

#26 The Great Lakes And Saint Lawrence River Superimposed On A Map Of Europe

Image credits: vividmaps

#27 What The Netherlamds Would Naturally Look Like If They Hadn’t Built Any Dikes To Prevent Flooding

Image credits: DerpyRainbow506

Personally, I don’t mind that the map precedes the territory, no matter what Jean Baudrillard says. Why? Because, like unusual and intriguing books, they have ways of sparking new ideas and expanding our minds. Who needs the actual territory when we have such gorgeous maps to look at from the safety of our homes?

#28 Map Of The 2191 Meter Deep Krubera Cave. The Deepest Known Cave System In The World

Image credits: VictoriaLisz

#29 Places Named Victoria

Image credits: ButtholeQuiver

#30 Propaganda Made By The Allies During Ww1 Of What Will Happen To The Us If The Central Powers Won

Image credits: RedShadow199

Which map was your favorite one and why? What’s the most aesthetic or interesting map you’ve ever seen in real life? Do you have any maps at home? Are you a major geek like me and love drawing maps for your Dungeons & Dragons groups (I hope I’m not alone!)? Share your thoughts and, hopefully, your love for maps in the comment section below.

#31 Every Roman Settlement (That Ever Existed, With Borders From 117ad)

Image credits: ImUsingDaForce

#32 It Would Be Longer To Drive From Malmö To Abisko, Both In Sweden, Than To Drive From Malmö To Rome Through Five Countries

Image credits: Isaskar

#33 The Actual Map Of Ship Traffic, Not The Wack One That Was Recently Posted

Image credits: harrison822

#34 Paper Sizes World Map

Image credits: Adaffor

#35 Excellent Visualisation Of The Distortions Of Different Projections

Image credits: HetRadicaleBoven

#36 Irish Railway System In 1920 vs. 2020

Image credits: saif-with-curls

#37 Countries Who Call It ‘Football’ vs. Who Call It ‘Soccer’

Image credits: qwerty74901

#38 Map I Made Out Of Pressed Flowers!

Image credits: _grumpycat1

#39 Where Most Canadians Live (Red)

Image credits: duckman23423

#40 Each States Biggest Export Trading Partner

Image credits: SGB04

#41 1927 Movie Studio Map Of Filming Locations Representing The Globe

Image credits: onsinsandneedles

#42 The Topography Of Japan

Image credits: Adaffor

#43 Light Pollution Map Of Europe

Image credits: xNLX1978x

#44 Relief Map Of Baltic And Scandinavia

Image credits: Adaffor

#45 Aral Sea Evolution

Image credits:

#46 Us States By Human Development Index

Image credits:

#47 Full Virtual Reconstruction Of Imperial Rome

Image credits:

#48 Just Walked In The Room And Found My 6 Year Old Drawing Countries By Hand

Image credits: 89LeBaron

#49 Newspaper My Great Grandfather Saved From The End Of Wwii (I Have More Photos But This Subreddit Doesn’t Allow A Gallery)

Image credits: kndrio

#50 The Oldest Universities In Continuous Operation

Image credits: bodafir

#51 This Is Awesome

Image credits: Physical-Order

#52 Interconnected Power Grids

Image credits:

#53 The Battle To Accurately Map The Us Election Result Is Over: Le Monde Wins

Image credits: haruspicat

#54 The 41 American States

Image credits: kernals12

#55 I Was Bored, So I Made The United States Of Christmas Cookies

Image credits: hawkypunk

#56 How The 1860 Us Election Went

Image credits: cheeseface35

#57 World Map Excluding Countries With Under 100m People

Image credits: Jellybeans0128

#58 Is The McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Currently Broken? Chicago Area.

Image credits: ape_pants

#59 Europe 1444 Without Any Writing

Image credits: AlexisAncrath

#60 A Map I Made Of Every Image That Came Up First When I Searched Each Country’s Name

Image credits: BrowncoatOfArms

#61 Largest Religion In India By District

Image credits: saif-with-curls

#62 Map Of Major Japanese Brands

Image credits: Adaffor

#63 Moose Distribution In Europe

Image credits: Risingmagpie

#64 No Body Lives Here. Found This Gem Reading The News Today

Image credits: Adaffor

#65 Light Pollution Map Of Great Britain

Image credits: InkyScrolls

#66 My Mother Is An Elementary School Principal, And She Gave Me This Huge, Ultra Detailed Classroom Map Of Norway

Image credits: larskvestad

#67 Holland vs. The Netherlands

Image credits:

#68 Germany’s Religious Divide

Image credits:

#69 The South Australian Border With Victoria And New South Wales Isn’t A Perfectly Straight Line

Image credits:

#70 A Map Of The Us Starting With As Few Edges As Possible

Image credits:

#71 Is It A Well Known Fact That Google Maps On The Web Shows Real-Time Cloud Cover When Zoomed Out?

Image credits: AlexYYYYYY

#72 Extent Of Deforestation In Borneo (1950-2020)

Image credits: vladgrinch

#73 Cannabis Consumption By Young People In Europe

Image credits: Salvatore__21

#74 A Map Of The World But It’s Just The Time Zones

Image credits: boldvinaxc

#75 Urban Megaregions Of The United States [oc]

Image credits: delugetheory

#76 Map That Shows The Land Mine Contamination In Bosnia And Herzegovina, In Which Roughly 2.4% Of The Entire Country’s Land Is Covered In Land Mines From The Yugoslav Wars

Image credits: Pablo_BW

#77 Let’s Figure Out Germany With A Close Look

Image credits: hard2resist

#78 An Over 2500 Mile Long Ley Line Of Michaels

Image credits: MotionEyes

#79 Gamer Has Made A Fully Playable Map Of Europe In Minecraft, 1:230 Scale, Using Nasa And Esa Satellite Data

Image credits: oska77rs

#80 A Satirical Map Of Europe 2018

Image credits: bodafir

#81 The United States Of Sitcoms

Image credits: dienaked

#82 Exaggerated Elevation Map Of California [oc]

Image credits: riverinemaps

#83 Pitcairn Island – One Of The Least Populated And Most Remote Territories In The World

Image credits: andrewdc

#84 Kaunas, Lithuania // Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Image credits: NordyNed

#85 Relative Value Of $100

Image credits: rinthian_lab

#86 Habitability Map Of Australia From 1946

Image credits: erik316wttn

#87 Denmark Proper Fits Inside Michigan’s Mitten

Image credits: glowdirt

#88 Shaded Relief Of The Mediterranean Seafloor

Image credits: boytutoy

#89 The Real Map Of France

Image credits: RafaelAmeyalli

#90 Oh Hi Scotland

Image credits: tentavia69

#91 My One Line Drawing Of California And Counties

Image credits:

#92 You Can Just Squeeze UK In Canada’s Hudson Bay

Image credits:

#93 Suicide Rates In Europe

Image credits:

#94 Satisfying Ring Road – Feira De Santana, Brazil

Image credits:

#95 Every Presidential Election In American History (1788-2020)

Image credits:

#96 Regional Names For Nestle Water In The United States

Image credits:

#97 Satirical Map Of Austria

Image credits: axVio2s

#98 This 1907 British Travel Advertisement Compares Cornwall To Italy

Image credits: rosy_fingereddawn

#99 The Swedish Empire At It’s Height

Image credits: european_american

#100 Tropical Rainforest vs. Desert! This Map Shows The Global Distribution Of Tropical Rainforests And Deserts (I Have Excluded Polar Deserts!) – Would Be Interesting To See How Different This Is In 10 Years Time

Image credits: symmy546

#101 Here Are 6 Ways To Divide Brazil

Image credits: Mervynhaspeaked

#102 French Territorial Evolution (985 – 1947)

Image credits: vladgrinch

#103 Average Elevation Above Sea Level Of European Countries [oc]

Image credits: casburism

#104 Hand-Drawn Map Of The World In 1935

Image credits: Kuri_Tiit

#105 My Fiancée And I Got These Rings For Our Wedding Rings

Image credits: Taylor1337

#106 Translation Of The Idiom ‘Kill Two Birds With One Stone’ In European Languages

Image credits: languageseu

#107 All Provinces Of Modern Europe Ever Ruled From A Capital Within Modern Day Germany

Image credits: fmwb

#108 What Would Happen If The Mouth Of The Congo River Were Dammed

Image credits: kernals12

#109 It’s All To Me!

Image credits:

#110 Nations Of Europe In Irish, With Gaelic Type

Image credits:

#111 Counties In The Us With A Spanish Speaking Majority

Image credits: VirusMaster3073

#112 2 Waves Of Covid In France

Image credits: Vaitfodeir

#113 In 1972, Richard Nixon Defeated South Dakota Senator George Mcgovern By 23 Percentage Points. He Won Every State Except Massachusetts And Got 520 Electoral Votes, A Record Only Beaten 12 Years Later By Ronald Reagan

Image credits: kernals12

#114 All States Scooby Doo Has Visited Onscreen In The Cartoons, Movies, And Comics

Image credits: G8g8g8

#115 I (Tried To) Make A Topographic Pie Of The United States

Image credits: Comrade__Conrad

#116 Country Names In Turkish (Ending With -Istan Or -Ya)

Image credits: ersmes

#117 Map Of Quotation Marks In European Languages

Image credits: vladgrinch

#118 The USA Split Into Sections That Have The Same Population As California

Image credits: BirchTainer

#119 Average Sleep Duration

Image credits: trinitronbxb

#120 The Topography Of Vancouver Island

Image credits: boytutoy

#121 Topography Of The Land Of The Rising Sun (Nihon)

Image credits: boytutoy

#122 Languages In The Us

Image credits: RedPandaTag

#123 Map Of Spain Made Of The Typical Foods Of Each Region

Image credits: JoeWDavies

#124 Ireland, South Korea And East Germany All Have Quite A Similar Shape

Image credits: Seal-Amundsen-11

#125 A Neat Little Map Guide

Image credits: PPedroSSancheZZ420

#126 Similarities Between Scotland-Hokkaido And Wales-Shikoku

Image credits: BerryBlue_BlueBerry

#127 My Huge Drawing Of A Fictional Metro Area, Scanned In So You Can See All The Details!

Image credits: Hascerflef

#128 Elevation Map Of The USA Interstate Highways

Image credits: SHADOWJACK2112

#129 Dairy Herd Type In France

Image credits: rxlacroix

#130 I Attempted To Draw Europe With 1 Hexagon Representing 1 Million People

Image credits:

#131 The West Coast Of North America – Roughly 215 Million Years Ago

Image credits:

#132 All Roads Lead To Rome. This Map Is Visualises The Famous Roads Built By The Roman Empire. I Have Removed The Land To Highlight How Far This Empire Spread Its Infrastructure

Image credits:

#133 Disastrous Shrinking Of Lake Chad, North Africa, From 1963 To 2007 Due To Climate Change And Increasing Desertification

Image credits:

#134 Fact : The Gambian Eez Is Bigger Than The Gambia

Image credits:

#135 South Korea Is One Of The Few Developed Countries That Still Reports Rabies Cases (Albeit Extremely Low Numbers—no Human Infection Since 2004 And No Animal Infection Since 2014). Officials Blame Unvaccinated Animals From North Korea Crossing Into The South Through The Porous Dmz

Image credits: mattok123

#136 The State Of The Paris Agreement

Image credits: RaiseRuntimeError

#137 A Geometrical Flag Map Of Europe And Western Asia

Image credits: KanjiWolf

#138 Map Of Paris In The 15th Century Mape In Aoe2 (Reconstruction)

Image credits: VeniVidiCreavi

#139 Map Of The World, But It Is Only The Land Borders

Image credits: Pablo_BW

#140 Embroidery That Looks Like Rural England

Image credits: Petrarch1603

#141 A Map Of Middle-Earth… Build With LEGO !

Image credits: Coraille_Horn

#142 The 2021 USPS Delivery Regions

Image credits: IcallOutTheBS

#143 The Street Layout In My City

Image credits: lazynoobminer

#144 Reforestation In France, Spain, Italy And Portugal 1900-2010

Image credits: reallyepicman

#145 River Basins Of South & East Asia

Image credits: AJgloe

#146 The Longest Land Border Of France Is With Brazil

Image credits: vladgrinch

#147 Europe If Borders Were Set According To Road Distance To The Nearest Capital City

Image credits: mafmirkostt

#148 The Roman Empire vs. The Mongol Empire At Their Peaks

Image credits: vladgrinch

#149 Language Map Of China (2000×1700)

Image credits:

#150 Roundels By Country

Image credits: Assyrian_Nation

#151 Updated 2020 Stereotype Map Of Mexico

Image credits: GraudRoy

#152 Last Time Each State Voted Red (2020 Edition)

Image credits: Axillus

#153 Map Of Slovakia’s Regions, Illustrated With Local Embroidery

Image credits: Hrdina_Imperia

#154 Prefectures Map Of Japan

Image credits: Citizen_JHS

#155 I Got College Mail From Every State And Made A Map Of The USA Out Of It!

Image credits: katebarnes2733

#156 The 17th Century Map Of The World In The Main Hall Of The Former City Hall Of Amsterdam. It Shows The Eastern And Western Hemphshire And A Celestial Map

Image credits: cpt_t37

#157 “New” In Indo-European Languages

Image credits: pm_me_some_sandpaper

#158 Europe (Detailed) – Ad 1066 – [6637×4983] [oc]

Image credits: Cyowari

#159 Alsace, Eastern France, Topography Map

Image credits: ironproton

#160 The Topography Of Mediterranean Sea

Image credits: Preussen33

#161 Population Centers Of Each Us State From 1900-2010 (Blue Dot Is 1900, Red Dot Is 2010)

Image credits: EggEggEggEggOWO

#162 Tennessee In The 2000 And 2020 Us Presidential Elections

Image credits: ape_pants

#163 Real Size Of Countries

Image credits:

#164 The Simpsons – Springfield

Image credits:

#165 Ottoman Map Of The Americas, 1908

Image credits:

#166 Comparison Between The Last Time A Democrat Was Elected To A Senate Seat In Georgia (2000) And Last Night’s Democratic Victory

Image credits:

#167 The Second Trump Impeachment Vote

Image credits:

#168 Rdr2 Styled Map Of Istanbul

Image credits: mamadonaci

#169 Average Annual Snowfall By County

Image credits: Spooderman89

#170 The Gerrymandered States Of America: A Map In Which All States Are Gerrymandered To Allow Joe Biden To Win Every Electoral College Vote. (Note: Alaska And Hawaii Are The Same State On This Map) [oc]

Image credits: 22eyedgargoyle

#171 Africa But Only The Green Part Of Flags

Image credits: Rockboy_1009

#172 Where Boston Residents Own Cars vs. Where Boston Residents Get Hit By Cars

Image credits: MooseDaddy8

#173 Where The United States Is Uninhabited

Image credits: GrimSurgeon

#174 Thought I‘D Share My Interpretation Of Dividing Germany

Image credits: tagamotchi

#175 African-American Congressmen By State, 1870-1930

Image credits: trinitronbxb

#176 The Topography Of Sweden

Image credits: boytutoy

#177 The Republic Of Texas, A Real Country That Lasted 10 Years

Image credits: cheeseface35

#178 Europe (Detailed) – Ad 1337 – [6637×4983] [oc]

Image credits: Cyowari

#179 Map Of Greek And Armenian Populated Areas Before And After The

Image credits: mapsgrey

#180 North American Electric Reliability Corporation Regions Map

Image credits:


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