Twitter Thread With Funny Phone Contact Names Goes Viral, And Here Are 46 Of The Best Ones

This tweet inspired people to share the most hilarious, quirky, and interesting ways someone has them or they have someone named on their contact list. The post Twitter Thread With Funny Phone Contact Names Goes Viral, And Here Are 46 Of The Best Ones first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

Turns out, assigning certain names to your phone contacts is, in a way, a world of its own. There are unwritten rules that one should follow: for instance, it’s completely unacceptable to have your spouse listed only as their name after years of being together. On the other hand, it’s pretty funny if someone does have their significant other named that way. Even after years and years of marriage.

This whole thing has recently been proved by this short tweet in which a user @wrefinnej shared how she just found out that her husband has her number listed on his phone as “Jennifer Wortman.” The post quickly went viral and it currently has over 300k likes. In addition, it inspired other people to share the most hilarious, quirky, and interesting ways someone has them or they have someone named on their contact list. With that being said, Bored Panda invites you to look through the best ones we managed to find!


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Some users didn’t quite understand why anyone would be mad if their number was listed like that on their significant other’s phone.

“…how else am I supposed to have my husband in my phone???” one user commented. “I know! I’m feeling terribly insecure now because my husband is in my phone under his name. I’m not sure else how to do it,” another one added.


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In fact, some people even explained why they prefer to list people using their full names. “I use full names for general security purposes. If anyone gained access to my phone, familiar labels would be giftwrapping contact info for my entire family,” one user commented.

“Friend was thrown off his bike, hit his head and was only just about able to say his wife’s name over and over. He was in no fit state to recite numbers. They were able to call her, thankfully. Definitely worth having in there,” another user added.


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A few users pointed out how it could be extremely helpful to list your significant other as ICE (In Case Of Emergencies). “EMT/Paramedics suggest all phones have a separate entry entitled ICE (in case of emergencies), even if you have your spouse/so/parent/child/etc. Fully listed in contacts. It saves minutes when seconds matter!” someone wrote.

“My wife and I lust each other in our phones as ICE – In Case of Emergency. It was recommended by Emergency Services years ago to help them quickly locate the correct person to call if one was in an accident,” explained another user.


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Another user commented by giving an alternative to the ICE thing to iPhone users: “My husband is listed by his full name… but he has his own ring/text tone that is ONLY his… and I have him as my SOS contact coded to his contact via Apple so if something happened to me and the SOS function was activated it alerts him with a text to my location.”


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Turns out, many people have their loved ones listed with A letters in front of their name to make sure that they appear on the very top of the contact list.

“My husband appears on my phone contacts as AA his name (Emergency Contact). The AA ensure he is the first one in the list of contacts in case I have an accident or I am dead and someone need to be reach in my behalf. Hahahahaha. I am practical and dramatic. Hahahaaha,” a user shared.

“I do the same thing for work contacts, but with ZZ so I never mistakingly send out inappropriate texts to them,” another person added.


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How do you prefer to name your loved ones on your phone? Have you got any funny examples to add? Let us know down in the comment section!


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