Hey Pandas, Show Us Your Cool Grandparents Or Great-Grandparents

I recently started going through old photos and came across a great pic of my great-grandparents thinking they were Bonnie and Clyde! I'm sure there are some wonderful photos out there of family being way cooler than us! The post Hey Pandas, Show Us Your Cool Grandparents Or Great-Grandparents first appeared on...

I recently started going through old photos and came across a great pic of my great-grandparents thinking they were Bonnie and Clyde! I’m sure there are some wonderful photos out there of family being way cooler than us!

#1 My Grandparents Where Really Big Into Dancing When They Were Still Dating. I Love This Photo Of Them For So Many Reasons. They Were The Best!.

#2 Eugene And Catherine Early 1920’s

#3 This Is My Grandmother (Baby) And Her Parents With Her Father’s (My Great-Grandfather’s) Coworkers. They All Were Foresters

#4 My Husband’s Great-Grandparents. The Pic Is Not Perfect In Perfect Shape But They Look Awsome.

#5 Ca. 1912 – The Parents Of My Grandmother. Farmers In Silesia

#6 This Is My Great, Great Grandmother From Antrim, Ireland (Born 1827) Who Was A Dressmaker. Obviously Well Ahead Of Her Time!

#7 Setting Off On Honeymoon 1962 – Abingdon, UK

#8 My Grandma (1900) :d

#9 My Grandparents: 60s In Switzerland. On This Trip, The Decided To Try For A Baby, My Mom

#10 My Beautiful Great Grandmother In 2012, I Think She Was 87 In This Picture. She Passed Away In Feb Of 2020 At The Age Of 95

#11 My Grandparents When The Were Dating In The 1930s (Montana, USA)

#12 This Is My Great-Grandmother In The 1870s

#13 My G-Pa Served On A Mine Sweeper In The S. Pacific During WWII. My G-Ma (Pregnant With My Aunt In This Picture) Was Postmaster In Their Town During The War. After The War, G-Pa Had Untreated PTSD And G-Ma Was Forced To Give Up Her Job “To Make Room For The Boys Coming Home From The War”

#14 My Grandmother Was A Wonderful Artist & She Made This Screen Print Of A Family Portrait

#15 My Cool Grandma ~ 1940-Ish

#16 My Amazing Grandparents- Milly And Jack Lovell. Both Born In 1924, Got Married In 1924 (Nanny Was 19 And Pop Was 29). They Were Married For 44 Years Until Nanny Milly Sadly Passed Away In 1998 (Age 73). Pop Passed Away In 2007 (Age 82). They Were My Heroes (Still Are) And Were My Safe Haven During My Horrific Childhood. My Daughter Was Due On What Would Of Been Nanny Milly’s Birthday, So We Named Her Milly In Honour Of Her. When I Was Pregnant With My Son, We Found Out I Was Having Boy On Pop Jack’s Birthday, So My Sons Middle Name Is In Honour Of Pop Jack. They Are Never Far From My Mind And I Miss Them Dearly Every Passing Day

#17 My Grandparents With My Dad Age 2

#18 My Mom’s Parents. Grandpa Served In The Korean War

#19 My Mom Ca. 1962, With A Baby Deer, East Germany.

#20 My Grandmother, Pansy Mae, Helped Put Food On The Table. Duck For Dinner! (1944 Texas)

#21 My Grandmother. Lived Until She Was 91.

#22 My Sweet Grandpa In 1956. He Was Born In America To Austrian Immigrants.

#23 My Beloved Grandparents In Sweden Around 1975

#24 Grandpa Karl And Grandma Elisabeth In Weidenhausen, Germany

#25 My Grandparents On A Vacation Pre Mom Birth. Prob 1937 Or 1938.

#26 Check Out The Guns On Mimi

#27 Great-Gma Holding My Mother. Minnesota 1952

#28 Great*grandparents, 1867, Zvole Municipality, Austria-Hungary. The World Seemed Fine That Day.

#29 My Great-Aunt Emma Always Said She Was Equal To Any Man. She Chopped Her Own Firewood Till She Was 98, Lived To 104. This Is Emma (Left) After A Log Cutting Session With A Gentleman Caller In The Very Early 1910s. She Never Married. Photo From White Cloud, Michigan

#30 My Grandfather Helped My Dad Build This ‘Car’ In 1959. Baytown, Texas

#31 My Grandma With Her Little Brothers And Cousin Sometime In The Late 20s.

#32 Great Grandfather Holding My Mom. My Grandmother Behind Him And Great Grandmother With Pearls

#33 My Grandfather Loved Flying. This Is Him In The 1930s In Ne Pennsylvania.

#34 My Grandfather (Front) With His Ranch Hands. Cedar Bayou, Texas

#35 My Beloved Grandpa Milton. Once A Dapper Young Man.

#36 #26 My Father, Grandparents And Great Grandmother In Italy, Circa 1927

#37 My Grandfather, Staff Sargent Edward Berry Taken Circa 1939. He Was Originally From Newry Ni

#38 My Grandparents Looking So Cool In A Nightclub In The 50s

#39 My Brother (Baby) In Great Grandmas Lap. Grandma In Green. My Mom In White Sweater. 1960

#40 My Granpa Was A Boxer

#41 My Mother Holding My Daughter

#42 My Grandparents Tjern Harald And Tysk Julia In Early 1920-Ies

#43 My Great Uncle In World War II

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#44 Paternal Grandparents, Dave And Jo Linton. Wedding Day, Chicago 1943

#45 Photo Of My Great-Grandmother At The Turn Of The 20th Century In New Orleans

#46 My Great Grandmother An Her Husband – About 1935 Ish

#47 Maternal Grandparents, Day And Beatrice Howard. Miss My Nana Every Day! ?

#48 My WW2 Veteran Grandfather And Grandmother Just Celebrated Their 78th Anniversary On 12/26/20.

#49 My Dad, Vernon (1933-1997) In Holland In 1974. Pic Found After ’97. Wish I Knew The Story.

#50 My Wonderful Grandpa And Beautiful Grandma Getting Married September 9,1957

#51 My Gr-Parents Cecile & Bernice Braun. July 1950 Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan

#52 My Great Grandparents, J.p. (Jonas Petter) And Anna Ronnberg, In Sweden. Their Daughter, My Grandma Annie, Emigrated To America In 1915.

#53 My Grandparents. Mildred R. (9/18/1908-12/26/2008) & Thomas J. (9/4/1900-9/4/1964).

#54 My Grandma Looking Fabulous Sometime In The 1950s

#55 My Grandpa Brabon Gone Too Long Ago For Me To Remember Him

#56 Here’s The Full Picture! Not A Pic Of Them But Something They Owned. My Great-Graand I Found Them In My Attic Yesterday. My Great Grandpa Was A German Immigrant And My Grandma Thinks That This Came From A German Immigrant Socialndpa Owned These Group Thing, But She’s Not Sure. If Anyone Can Help Me Figure Out Where They Came From, That Would Be Amazing!

#57 Gram And Gramp At The 1965 Indy 500

#58 My Grandma When She Was A Cutie In Her 20s Back In 1934 And Then Her With My Son When He Was A Baby. He Was Her 8th Great-Grandchild At The Time And She Was 99 When She Passed


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