172 Genius Solutions That Should Be Implemented Everywhere (New Pics)

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Sometimes the world feels like it’s against us. Like, when you accidentally rip off the precious pull tab while opening a can of beans or when you are trying to figure out where is the end, the top, and the side of the sheet when making a bed. To some aliens from outer space, it would likely sound like not that big of a deal, but trust us, tiny humans, it is.

But thanks to some clever minds who were blessed with powers of creativity and problem-solving skills, life could be made easier, hundreds of times easier. But wait, let’s not hype it up too much, and let’s see what smart solutions to everyday problems Bored Panda has rounded up this time.

From tactile paintings for the blind to reversible public benches, and something as simple as a discount for well-behaved kids, these little things give us hope that no matter what, we are all going to be fine. Psst! More clever ideas to ease the stress of handling daily things can be found in our previous posts here, here, and here.

#1 In Norway, You Get A Small Amount Of Money For Recycling Bottles/Cans. A Lot Of Our Trash Cans Have These Holders So Poor And Homeless People Don’t Have To Search Through The Trash To Collect Them

Image credits: idunnomysex

#2 Smart

Image credits: Theresa_Chapple

#3 How The Ruins Are Displayed In Serbia

Image credits: LowlifeHistory

#4 This Restaurant Gives You A Discount If You Have Well-Behaved Kids

Image credits: gabymaybe

#5 They Put Rails Under The Benches In This Park So You Can Always Be In The Shadow

Image credits: shewalkinglikea

#6 Refillable Detergent In Prague, Czech

Image credits: starlightexpress3005

#7 Crosswalk Projected On A Dirty Winter Road

Image credits: dele7ed

#8 This Keypad Randomizes The Numbers Every Time So Someone Doesn’t Figure Out The Password From Your Hand Movements

Image credits: celebi1023

#9 This Elevator At My University Has Feet Buttons

Image credits: Chrnan6710

#10 This Shirt Has A Piece Of Lens Cloth Sewn On The Inside For Your Glasses

Image credits: Marvin_k2000

#11 These Two Different Sets Of Shopping Baskets At A Department Store In Bangkok – For Those That Need Help Or Want To Be Left Alone

Image credits: saksith

#12 This Furniture Hardware Is Sorted By Step Rather Than By Type

Image credits: Doctor_Nutsack

#13 Our Refrigerator Has Revolving Levels So You Can Reach Everything Easily

Image credits: seraphim2703

#14 A Bicycle Escalator In Norway

Image credits: St0pX

#15 These Public Benches Are Reversible, So You Can Choose To Look At People, Or Boats

Image credits: thoughtgun

#16 A Suitcase That Can Measure Its Own Weight

Image credits: Speedy5ingh

#17 This Museum In Berlin Has “Touchable” Versions Of Their Paintings For Blind Or Visually-Impaired Visitors

Image credits: ppmtn

#18 This Box Pretending To Contain Boring Flour So That It Doesn’t Get Stolen

Image credits: amylucha

#19 This Baby Store Has Different Surfaces To “Road Test” The Strollers

Image credits: eyedubb

#20 This TV Remote Has A Keyboard On It’s Back

Image credits: hachi-seb

#21 A Pill Bottle That Keeps Track Of When It Was Last Opened

Image credits: the_tip_of_my_tongue

#22 These Public Swing Powered Chargers For Your Phone In A Train Station

Image credits: Suckerburg1

#23 This Airplane Sleeping Mask Has Different Sides Depending On If You Want The Flight Attendant To Wake You Up For Meals Or Not

Image credits: alngrd

#24 The Fitted Sheet In My New Sheet Set Is Marked For Easier Bed-Making

Image credits: millenniumxl-200

#25 Shopping Cart Cleaning Machine In Germany

Image credits: pogogq

#26 This Toilet Lock That Doubles As A Tray So You Can’t Leave Without Taking Your Stuff

Image credits: notanaijin

#27 Train Seats In Japan Facing Outwards So You Can See The Scenery

Image credits: Nazulle

#28 At The Uffizi Gallery In Florence, They Have Versions Of Paintings So That Blind And Visually Impaired Visitors Could Still Enjoy The Art

Image credits: Peanut_Legend

#29 This Rooftop For Bicycles So The Saddle Won’t Get Wet

Image credits: Vinceconvince

#30 My Toaster Has A Window To Analyze Its Progress

Image credits: pork_bellio

#31 Social Distancing Escalator At Local Mall

Image credits: Jaimass

#32 You Can’t Read The Cash Machine Screen If You’re Not Directly In Front Of It

Image credits: barneyrubble82

#33 This Pitcher With A Separate Section For Ice

Image credits: Yeah1yeah2yeah3

#34 My Veins Under A Hospital Vein Finder

Image credits: Questionable_MD

#35 My Local Hypermarket Grows Some Of It’s Own Vegetables

Image credits:

#36 New Credit Card 3 Digit (CVV) Changes Every 4 Hours

Image credits: jjvj

#37 These Notched Chairs To Hold Bags

Image credits: sarcasdick1

#38 My Wife Got Me A Magnet Bracelet For Holding On To Screws As I Fix Things

Image credits: Ashtronica2

#39 This Chess Set From 1972 Has The Valid Moves For Each Piece Stamped On Their Bases, Making The Game Much Easier For Beginners To Learn

Image credits: wowbobwow

#40 My Dad’s New Car Has Cup Holders That Can Warm Up Your Drink Or Cool It Down

Image credits: atthebarricades

#41 This Soap Bottle Lists A Purpose For Each Ingredient

Image credits: Indykat13

#42 Doctors Paint The MRI Machine In The Children’s Clinic To Look Like A Submarine

Image credits:

#43 Nail Polish Bottle Has A Swatch Of The Colour Attached To The Bottle So You Can See How The Colour Looks On You

Image credits: Pastel_Bishop

#44 My New Wok Has Circles For Measuring Oil

Image credits: emilyr3183

#45 This Plug Is Designed To Go Around Other Plugs

Image credits: Tweedie2014-

#46 These Flavored Batteries

Image credits: Stoopid-Question

#47 If You’re An Elderly Or Disabled, You Will Receive A Card That Enables You To Cross The Road With A Longer Countdown Time (Singapore)

Image credits: Caesar95

#48 This Luggage Store Has An Airplane Set Up For Customers To Test Their Carry Ons And Underseater Bags

Image credits:

#49 This Clock At My Grandparents’ House Is Backwards So It Faces The Right Way In The Mirror While You’re Getting Ready

Image credits: tearsinmyramen

#50 This Deck Of Cards Has A Blank For A Replacement If A Card Is Lost

Image credits: wirenickel

#51 Had My First Robot Delivery The Other Day In UK

Image credits: DayleisL

#52 This Is A Mud Shovel. The Holes Help Break Suction When Digging In The Mud

Image credits: kearnest117

#53 You Can See How Much Milk Is Left Inside

Image credits: D3rF3lx

#54 This Kinetic Sidewalk Generates Electricity When You Walk On It

Image credits: f1sh98

#55 This Maintenance Guy’s Shirt Doubles As A Sign

Image credits: Hi_mynameis_Matt

#56 They Have Pet Carts In Grocery Stores In Italy

Image credits: MerleChi

#57 This Projector That Comes Down From A Ceiling Tile

Image credits: NateSpyder

#58 This Restaurant’s Restrooms Change Lighting When Occupied

Image credits: CliffbytheSea

#59 These Napping Pods Offered By Jetblue At Jfk Airport

Image credits:

#60 This Beer Can Lets You Point Tab At Your Initial So You Know Which Can Is Yours

Image credits: Johneresman

#61 This Paper Bag That Shows You How To Pack It

Image credits: Sugalips2000

#62 This Goodyear Tire Has Tread Depth Measuring Built Into The Rubber

Image credits: RobTheKings

#63 This Car Has Windshield Wiper Heaters To Melt The Ice And Free Your Wiper Blades During Winter

Image credits: Boltsnouns

#64 This USB Cable That Always Plugs In The Right Way

Image credits: HELPeR_420

#65 This Traffic Light Shows How Long You Have To Wait

Image credits: LucasBoevink03

#66 Coconut With A Pop Top

Image credits:

#67 This Dispenses Honey From The Bottom

Image credits:

#68 This Ladder Lift For Moving

Image credits: yumbledores

#69 My Spatula Has A Little Stand So It Doesn’t Touch The Counter

Image credits: dgroove8

#70 A Local Cafe Uses Some Ice Cubes Made Of Frozen Coffee So My Iced Coffee Wouldn’t Get As Watered Down

Image credits: BenjiMalone

#71 This Restaurant I Went To Has Solar-Powered Phone Chargers Built Into The Umbrellas

Image credits: liberianprince

#72 My Grandpa Made A Bookmark That Shows You Where On The Page You Left Off

Image credits: JayGold

#73 My Hospital Has Lights In The Ceiling That Are Designed To Look Like The Sky

Image credits: emeraldpity

#74 This Baby Pickle Jar Came With A Tiny Elevator For Them

Image credits: unthused

#75 This Remote Has A Headphone Plug In It To Listen To TV Quietly

Image credits: superp0rk

#76 My Spoon Carving Kit Came With Bandaids

Image credits: theacropanda

#77 Pre-School Placed A “Picture Day” Reminder Sticker For Us On The Middle Of My Son’s Back So He Couldn’t Remove It

Image credits: sbvp

#78 These Paper Towels Can Split Along The Other Axis, Creating Squares

Image credits: SecretPotatoChip

#79 My Toaster Has “A Bit More” Button

Image credits: vpalko123

#80 These Handles Don’t Connect To The Floor So The Floor Can Be Cleaned More Easily

Image credits: SockPants

#81 My University Sent Me A Wallet-Sized Diploma

Image credits: frankp0013

#82 A Stand For Bikers To Hold On To While Waiting For The Traffic Lights In Sweden

Image credits: medmik

#83 The Drawer In My Kitchen That Is Made To Dispense Paper Towels

Image credits: rishortish

#84 This Sports Store Has A Mini Obstacle Course So You Can Test Your Hiking Shoes

Image credits: bogzaelektrotehniku

#85 All Of The Toilet Lights In My Town Have Been Changed To Fluorescent Blue, In An Attempt To Prevent Heroin Users From Being Able To Find A Vein To Use

Image credits:

#86 This Restaurant Has A Foot Pedal For The Bathrooms So You Don’t Have To Touch The Handle

Image credits:

#87 My Hotel Has A Marker To Point Towards Mecca

Image credits: The_Gingersnaps

#88 This Cross Walk Signal Button Has Signage For Blind People Showing Exactly How Many Lanes They Have To Cross And Direction Of Traffic

Bonus points for making the signage modular which can be changed Lego blocks style. In Luxembourg city.

Image credits: beaned1

#89 The Town We Vacationed In Has Red Street Lights To Not Mess With The Wildlife

Image credits: MonkeyMcBucks

#90 This UV Handrail Sterilizer On An Escalator In Hong Kong

Image credits: ceowin

#91 These Coin Wrappers Can Be Used For Any U.S. Coin

Image credits: silverbug9

#92 My School Has Racks In The Front Office For Kids To Put Their Skateboards On During The Day

Image credits: Boopnoobdope

#93 Built-In Cable Management On The Back Of My TV

Image credits: Defcon_7

#94 A ‘New’ Sign Indicating That The Speed Limit Has Changed.

Image credits: ithinkik_ern

#95 In Autumn, My City Has A Public Service That Comes By And Sucks Up The Leaves You Rake To The Curb

Image credits: SligPants

#96 These Gender Neutral Bathroom Signs

Image credits: co1063

#97 This Kettle Fits In To A Tilting Mount To Help People With Arthritis Pour

Image credits:

#98 The Plastic Packaging Of This Paint Roller Doubles As A Paint Tray

Image credits: DadJokeBadJoke

#99 The Tables At This Foodcourt Have Built In Wireless Charging

Image credits: 0v3r9k

#100 The Color On The Doorhandle Represents If The Door Is Unlocked Or Not

Image credits: TobbieDatBoi

#101 This Keyboard Has A Dedicated Smiley Key

Image credits: Linus117

#102 This Reusable Salad Dressing Bottle Shows You How Much Of Each Ingredient To Put In To Make Different Dressings

Image credits: HarryTOMalley

#103 My Grocery Store Bags Items In Blue Bags If They’re Cold So You Can Put Them Away First

Image credits: cakefraustin

#104 This Supermarket Has A Place To Put Stuff If You Change Your Mind

Image credits: gobears331

#105 A Very Interactive CPR Training Kiosk At The Airport

Image credits: bostoncommon902

#106 My Work Has A Special Coat Closet For Smokers

Image credits: snarkyfark

#107 My Vocab Book Comes With A Red Filter To Obscure The Answers

Image credits: m4risa

#108 UPS In Italy Uses These “Bicycle Trucks” To Deliver Packages To Places In Narrow Streets Of Rome

Image credits:

#109 Cardboard Tents You Can Buy At The Music Festival I’m At

Image credits:

#110 This Notebook With An In-Built Portable Charger

Image credits:

#111 This Sanitary Door Opener

Image credits:

#112 The Way This Clinic Offers Help To Abuse Victims

Image credits: TwillyS

#113 This Ruler Has Cascading Millimeter Mark That Makes It Easier To Read

Image credits: 132kimh

#114 These Winter Boots Have A Flip-Down Ice Cleat In The Heel To Help With Walking On Icy Surfaces

Image credits: TheRealJasonium

#115 In The Fitting Rooms At Muji You Can Change The Color Temperature Of The Lighting To See What The Clothes You’re Trying On Would Look Like In Different Environments

Image credits: dubious_too

#116 The Spatula That Came With The Cake From A Korean Bakery Has Matches Inside And A Spot On The Back Of The Spatula To Light Them

Image credits: LollyLabbit

#117 Our New Fridge Has A Filtered Water Pitcher In It

Image credits: DadHatSensei

#118 This Wearable Microphone One Of My Students Gave Me To Beam Directly To His Hearing Aids

Image credits: CadeVision

#119 My Mojito’s Straw That Stops The Mint

Image credits: TheOxfordBloke

#120 This Device Attached To The Side Of A Shipping Crate To Indicate Tilt

Image credits: lochstimpson

#121 Fur In My Jacket Has Some Reflective Strands

Image credits: DoxNP

#122 The Shower In My Hotel Has A Little Cutout So You Can Turn It On Before Getting In

Image credits: IBeBobbyBoulders

#123 The Parking Lot Where I Left My Car Has A Free Breathalyzer So You Can Check Your Alcohol Level Before Driving

Image credits: MadameBanaan

#124 The Tear Offs On This Poster For Domestic Abuse Have The Phone Number Disguised As A Bar Code

Image credits: Of_The_Ocean_

#125 My University Library Has A Wall Where You Can Quite Literally Take A Seat

Image credits: Naco88

#126 Surfers Are Putting Eyes On The Bottom Of Their Boards To Freak Out Sharks

Image credits: curiousorigin

#127 Chick Fil A Over Here Living In The Future With Their Umbrella-Tents

Image credits:

#128 This Pan Has A Thermochromic Indicator To Show If It Is Hot

Image credits: RealNajm

#129 My Carryout Box Has Sections For Each Of My Tacos

Image credits:

#130 Chairs At My New Job Have Rollerblade Wheels So We Can Roll Quietly

Image credits:

#131 These Sprinklers On The Road Near The Ski Resort I’m At In Japan To Keep The Road From Freezing Over. (Salt Water If You Were Wondering)

Image credits:

#132 Grocery Store Cart Has An Adjustable Phone Mount So Your Digital Grocery List Is Easily Visible Without Holding Your Phone

Image credits:

#133 This Shopping Cart Has A Magnifying Glass

Image credits: itchytesticles

#134 This Airport Has A Place For Your Dog To Use The Restroom

Image credits: hidden-carrot

#135 These Little Dots On The Stairrail Of Our Library That Indicates Which Floor You Reached Walking Up The Stairs

Image credits: fwd_p

#136 Package Of 4 Avocados Containing 2 Ripe Avocados ‘For Now’ And 2 ‘For Later’

Image credits: ever0nand0n

#137 This Dustpan Has A Comb For The Broom

Image credits: GoodDickens

#138 These Wooden Circular Tops For Pedestrians To Sit On While Waiting For The Light To Change

Image credits: fightmilk22

#139 This College Made A Water Bottle With A Map Of The Campus On It. It Also Shows Places Where You Can Fill It Up

Image credits: Nathan_Dupre

#140 This Dishwasher Projects A Timer Onto The Floor

Image credits: Edtunk

#141 My Bucket Has A Flat Side To Put Against Walls

Image credits: 1NC3PT10N

#142 Conference I’m Attending Warns You Which Seats Will Get Drafts From The Air Conditioning

Image credits: dtwuva

#143 That Little Black Dome Outside A Therapist’s Office Muffles The Sound Coming From Sessions Inside

Image credits:

#144 This Calculator Has A Slot With No Power For Holding Extra Batteries

Image credits:

#145 These Fold Out Chairs In The Hospital I’m At

Image credits:

#146 This Airport Bathroom Has Lights To Show You Which Stalls Are Free

Image credits: bellz2

#147 Grocery Store By My Apartment Got New Carts With Cell Phone Holders. I Thought It Was Cool

Image credits: DeeThaDestroyer

#148 Nifty Little Device We Use To Detect If Sensitive Equipment Is Mishandled During Shipping

Image credits:

#149 These New Boxes At The Post Office Come With Sealing Tape

Image credits:

#150 My Newly Renovated Park Has A Bike Repair Station

Image credits:

#151 This Tram In Australia Has A Place To Hold Your Surfboard While Travelling To/From The Beach

Image credits:

#152 My Local Library Has “Tough Topic Kits” That Can Be Checked Out Anonymously. Books And Resources About Topics Like Abuse, Mental Illness, Etc

Image credits: Youre_ARealJerk

#153 The Montreal Airport Has Stationary Bikes You Can Ride To Charge Your Phone

Image credits: Pupikal

#154 My Dishwasher Doesn’t Have Any External Buttons Or Display. When Running, The Remaining Time Is Projected Onto The Floor

Image credits: Jimbobler

#155 This Hairbrush I Bought Came With A Tool To Remove Hair From The Brush

Image credits: arthurdentxxxxii

#156 This Sports Store Has A Ramp With Different Types Of Terrain To Test Hiking Shoes

Image credits: lukas_ve

#157 A Grocery Store In My Town Has A Machine You Can Put Your Wet Phone In To Save It

Image credits: needuhlife19

#158 This Book Shows How Much Percent You’ve Read (Fermis Filter – En Anledning Att Finnas)

Image credits: FurryloverOwO

#159 The Dr. Pepper Museum Has A Mirror To Look Down The Well In Case You’re Scared Of Heights

Image credits: KingBloos

#160 A Dog Bathroom In An Airport

Image credits: Vikko

#161 My Hotel Bedside Clock Has The Time On 3 Sides

Image credits: flip_dude

#162 This Bag Of Beef Jerky Came With A Flosser

Image credits: airnlight_timenspace

#163 This Titanium Coated Butter Knife With Internal Copper Alloy Heat Tubes. It’s Made To Heat Up By Being In Your Hand To Make Spreading Butter Easier

Image credits:

#164 My Kitchen Floor Has A Built-In Cooler

Image credits: melisage

#165 My Lunch At Work Has Letters Denoting What Type Of Empanada Each Is

Image credits:

#166 Train Station’s Color Coded Escalator Handrails Show You Which Line Comes To Which Platform

Image credits:

#167 Rest Stop In Outback Australia With A Holder For Your Phone To Help It Get Better Signal

Image credits: Gazza_s_89

#168 These Korean Cup Noodles Have A Small Drain For Pouring Out The Water To Make Soup-Less Noodles

Image credits: kkendd

#169 We Have Street Lights For People Who Like To Walk Looking Down At Their Phone

Image credits: littlegenius666

#170 My Local Grocery Store Has Smart Carts That When You Search For An Item Tell You The Exact Isle And Shelf The Item Is On

Image credits: rocker248

#171 My New Carving Knife Came With Bandages

Image credits: notedrive

#172 My Phone Can Wireless Charge My Toothbrush

Image credits: heyteej


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