89 Hotels And Airbnbs That Failed So Badly It’s Funny

Most of us associate hotels and Airbnbs with holidays—a special time that doesn't come around too often. A time we want to make the most out of. So, naturally, we're super excited to get away, stay in a lovely hotel, and chill by the pool. Just relax. However... The post 89 Hotels...

Most of us associate hotels and Airbnbs with holidays—a special time that doesn’t come around too often. A time we want to make the most out of. So, naturally, we’re super excited to get away, stay in a lovely hotel, and chill by the pool. Just relax. However, sometimes our expectations aren’t met. Maybe the carpet design makes our room look like a bloody crime scene, or maybe the ceiling of your bathroom is so low, you have to kneel in order to take a piss. To remind you not to skip the reviews before booking, Bored Panda has compiled a list of hotel and Airbnb fails that aren’t doing these establishments any favors. Continue scrolling and check out the pictures!

#1 These Stairs At Our Hotel

Image credits: Zvek_Eagle

#2 Don’t Wake Anybody Up If You’re Exiting The Motel During A Fire

Image credits: Coffee4MySoul

#3 I Reserved An Airbnb With A Sea View. Can’t Complain

Image credits: weully

#4 Hair Dryer And Shower Combo In Cairo Hotel

Image credits: Vast-Comfortable

#5 The Pool At My Hotel In Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, Those Are Toilets

Image credits: jasonsmithatlanta

#6 Went To A Hotel, Paid Extra For A Room With A Bigger TV

Image credits: OfficialFaabs

#7 This Hotel Bathroom “Tile” Wall Is Actually Just Numerous Pictures Of Denim-Clad Butts

Image credits: ChristieIsBored

#8 This Picture In The Hotel Lobby Looks Like Pubes

Image credits: Big_Boss_1000

#9 Flat Carpet In A Hotel In Cologne, Germany Imitating A Curvy Surface

Image credits: Majoranese

#10 Don’t Think The Owner Of This Hotel Thought This Through

Image credits: pookiemon

#11 From A French Airbnb Alternative

Image credits: robot_accomplice

#12 My Hotel’s “Pool Area”

Image credits: Johnoplata

#13 This Hotel Bathroom

Image credits: I_watch

#14 The Bathroom In Our Airbnb Was Rather Small

Image credits: nevernomuffintops

#15 Cheap Motel TV Mount. Flat Screen Taped To TV With Packing Tape

Image credits: jaakobola

#16 Why Are Hotels Like This

Image credits: shailla131

#17 This Poorly Translated Food Menu From A Hotel In Saudi Arabia

Image credits: Trash-Panda-is-worse

#18 This Hotels Curtains Look Like There Is Blood On Them

Image credits: robloxlegoman

#19 My Wife Is 5’1” And I Am 6’7”, When It Comes To Hotel Robes, One Size Does Not Fit All

Image credits: The_Trip_Doctor

#20 Beijing Hotel Carpet Pattern (Crime Scene?)

Image credits: well_redhead_

#21 This Couch In Our Hotel Room. And No, It Does Not Separate

Image credits: willpalm6

#22 Came Back To The Hotel Room And Found This. It’s The Thought That Counts

Image credits: joshuambrose

#23 Apparently Our Hotel Took Our Request For A Mini-Fridge Very Literally. Banana For Scale

Image credits: MeddlingMike

#24 I Raise You My Hotel Pool In Jeju Circa 2017

Image credits: Shents

#25 This New Hotel Carpet That Looks Like It’s Worn Out Beyond Threadbare

Image credits: PretzelsThirst

#26 The Door Stopper At My Hotel. I Present The “Toe Buster 5000”

Image credits: CleetisMcgee

#27 Unreadable, Found In A Swedish Hotel Room

Image credits: KnugensBroder1337

#28 Girlfriends View From The Bed Of Our Hotel Room

Image credits: Jack6169

#29 When You Just Want To Be Alone In Your Hotel Room Bathroom, But It Has A Window For No Reason

Image credits: Misterpeaceguy

#30 This Light Switch In My Hotel

Image credits: rockrove

#31 The 1’5” Gap In This Norwegian Hotel Shower Door

Image credits: dmichaelmyers

#32 Hotel Room In Germany

Image credits: iVanion

#33 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has Their Locks Installed Backwards

Image credits: akgiant

#34 Found This At My Local Holiday Inn

Image credits: sexybeast8209

#35 The Fitness Room At The Hotel I Stayed At

Image credits: PineBadger

#36 This Amazing View From My Hotel Room

Image credits: JohnIsPogi

#37 It Looks Like The Hotel Cart Ran Someone Over And Is Tracking Their Blood Through The Halls

Image credits: Nick_Coffin

#38 The Carpet In My Hotel Makes Me Feel Drunk Without Having Even Had A Single Drink

Image credits: shizzwizz

#39 Staying At A Hotel. This Is The Bathroom Switch. The Switch Is For The Fan And The Dial Is For The Light. Quick Showers Or You’re Stuck In The Dark

Image credits: suffocatinginfarts

#40 I Found This At A Hotel In Russia

Image credits: fildakoch

#41 The Pillars In This Hotel Hallway

Image credits: Aliasgraceland

#42 This Blind In My Hotel Room Is The Only Thing Hiding The Shower, And It’s Only Accessible From Outside Of The Bathroom

Image credits: Banane_42

#43 The Way This Hairdryer Is Plugged In The Bathroom In A Hotel In Cuba

Image credits: mjalex1128

#44 “Premium Motel”

Image credits: MercuREEEEEEE

#45 My Hotel Room With An Ocean View

Image credits: Ferniffico

#46 Hotel I’m Staying At Listed Hot Tub As An Amenity

Image credits: whiteymcgroovenhaven

#47 Asked My Driver To Take Me To A Cheap Hotel, Found This On The Room Door

Image credits: tastes_like_thumbs

#48 Wanted To Surf Internet In This French Hotel. Wasn’t That Desperate

Image credits: Gouac

#49 It’s Ok

Image credits: richardmoore73

#50 Roommate

Image credits: mybrokecompass

#51 The Hotel I Went To Recently Had Some Plumbing Problems

Image credits: TheGreatHatsby24

#52 This Light That’s Placed In My Hotel Room Bed

Image credits: diliberto123

#53 My Hotel Room Has A Michael Scott Sized TV

Image credits: CranberryGuy

#54 Found About Two Years Ago In Some Cheap Hostel While Traveling

Image credits: s_konstantin

#55 This Kitchen Power Outlet At A Local Hotel

Image credits: FoulShipDab

#56 5-Star Hotel Has These “Clean” Looking Coffee Cups

Image credits: DestroyerOfDucks

#57 The Carpet At My Hotel Was Printed With The Mouse Cursor On It

Image credits: valearpeggi

#58 My Days Inn Hotel Room Was Missing Most Of The Floor By The Air Conditioner, And They Still Charged $75 A Night

Image credits: whatisonhere

#59 The Pattern On This Chinese Hotel’s Carpet Looks Like Blood And Jizz Stains

Image credits: faithlessMia

#60 Do You Guys Like Crappy Hotel Room Number Signs?

Image credits: belleri7

#61 This Hotel Shower (I’m 5’9)

Image credits: godiswhoIam

#62 My Hotel Window

Image credits: dontknow1256

#63 The View From The Bed In Our Hotel Room

Image credits: actualbobblehead

#64 And Of Course The Fan Was Broken In This Hotel Bathroom

Image credits: rjoyfult

#65 Best Spot

Image credits: WaddySolomon

#66 Found This At A Hotel. Which One Is Which?

Image credits: Disastrous-Seaweed

#67 Are You Serious Hotel?

Image credits: A-questioner

#68 Checked In To A Hotel And Promptly Checked Out

Image credits: gravityblast10

#69 Paid Extra For A Hotel Room With A Window Instead Of An Internal Room

Image credits: lucy_lu_2

#70 My Hotel For The Next Week In Budapest

Image credits: raynospies789

#71 Back To Childhood Experience

Image credits: LynnJCraig

#72 Airbnb Said I’d Have A Balcony But Seriously

Image credits: eidahl

#73 This Was Hanging At A Hostel I Visited In Pai, Thailand

Image credits: Yuansohn

#74 I Love The Intercoms In The Bathroom

Image credits: sergioalgozzino_memoriea8bit

#75 Nothing Like Finding A Condom Wrapper In My Hotel Room

Image credits: reddit_jae

#76 Painted In A Hotel Stairwell Leading To Fitness Center

Image credits: Westonhaus

#77 This Mirror In A 5-Star Hotel

Image credits: ItzOdHyN

#78 The One Thing You Had To Get Right Was The Name Of The Hotel

Image credits: Shadowconquest

#79 Found This Thing Of Joy In My Hotel Room

Image credits: Daylonjones20

#80 This Hotel Placard That Tells Where The Rooms Are Is Hard To Read

Image credits: TinyPachyderm

#81 You Can Only Lock The Bathroom Door In This Hotel From The Outside

Image credits: Chilliad_YT

#82 This TP Holder Is 12 Inches Too Far Away In My Hotel Bathroom. Crap Inconvenience Design

Image credits: PapaHarv

#83 A Coffin Shaped Door At A Hotel

Image credits: TofuMess

#84 Seeing This When First Entering My Hotel Room

Image credits: iFoundSnape

#85 “Hotel Room With A View.” They Didn’t Specify What I Would Be ‘Viewing’

Image credits: eqrunner

#86 The Cleaner At The Hotel In Egypt, Made This Towel-Monkey, And Dressed It In My Used Boxers

Image credits: andydith

#87 Hotel’s Mirror

Image credits: NobodyEpic

#88 This Carpet Design In My Hotel Room Looks Like A Piss Stain

Image credits: _m_rh

#89 This Hotel’s New Carpet

Image credits: ampocalypse


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