123 Cool Museum Exhibits From All Around The World

As the pandemic took over the world, museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions around the world closed their doors to adhere to new social distancing regulations. But don't worry. Bored Panda is here to help. The post 123 Cool Museum Exhibits From All Around The World first appeared on Bored Panda. ...

As the pandemic took over the world, museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions around the world closed their doors to adhere to new social distancing regulations. But don’t worry. Bored Panda is here to help. We put together a list of cool museum exhibits so you could get your fix of culture even before these places open up again. And we tried our best to include something for every taste as well. From a WWII mannequin that looks like Bruce Willis to a miniature Volkswagen Beetle that found its way into  a beetle collection, continue scrolling and check out the entries!

#1 This Powerful Quote At The End Of The Holocaust Museum In Washington

Image credits: notrub95

#2 The Two-Sided Statue Of Mephistopheles And Margaretta (19th Century) At The Salar Jung Museum In India. The Sculpture Is Carved Out Of A Single Log Of Sycamore Wood. Artist Unknown

Image credits: Rambo_Brit3

#3 Art Museum That Was Closed Due To Virus Outbreak Rearranged Exhibition So It Can Be Seen From Outside – Day Or Night. Salo, Finland

Image credits: EffortlessEasy

#4 Found At A Snake Exhibit

Image credits: CraftyTim

#5 Took A Trip Out To Peabody Essex Museum Last Weekend. This Exhibit Didn’t Disappoint

Image credits: SnapneckLife

#6 Someone In This Museum Has A Sense Of Humor

Image credits: Muppaphone

#7 This Museum Taking A Shot At FedEx In One Of Their Displays

Image credits: PM_YOUR_CENSORD

#8 “Exploded” Ford Model T At The Henry Ford Museum Of Innovation

Image credits: TreKs

#9 Our Local Museum Decided To Add A Floppy Disc To The Fossils Section

Image credits: _Milkyyyy

#10 Knitted Glass At The Glass Museum In Seattle

Image credits: Woodstock_Peanut

#11 This Museum In Berlin Has ‘Touchable’ Versions Of Their Paintings For Blind People

Image credits: ppmtn

#12 This Balloon Dog Sculpture With Organs And Bones, Found In A Museum

Image credits: neverskipeggday

#13 I Was At The National Gallery In Slovakia And Noticed They Use Star Wars Wallpaper On One Of The Walls In A 19th Century Art Exhibit

Image credits: Ascarea

#14 This Musical Instrument Museum Has An Air Guitar On Display

Image credits: geniegnee

#15 At The Uffizi Gallery In Florence, They Have Versions Of Paintings So That Blind Visitors Can Still Enjoy The Art

Image credits: Peanut_Legend

#16 My Hometown Museum Has A Section On Millennial Toys

Image credits: mfcrunchy

#17 There Is A Tiny Museum In Kyoto, Japan With Some Very Unusual Opening Hours

Image credits: Sharktopus_

#18 This Display In Ashmolean Museum Shows How Touching Artwork Affects Material

Image credits: Newbee_3000

#19 A Mummified Dinosaur In A Museum In Canada

Image credits: gDisasters

#20 The Floor At The London Science Museum Is Made Of Mini-Chromosomes

Image credits: English_Joe

#21 This Museum In Japan That Showcases Various Uniquely Shaped Naturally Formed Rocks With Faces On Them

Image credits: TheBatarang

#22 This Mannequin From A WW2 Themed Museum In Normandy Looks Like Bruce Willis

Image credits: General_Ignoranse

#23 Tom And Jerry Museum, Japan

Image credits: FredrickTHB

#24 These Movie Tickets From The Ghibli Museum Are Made From Frames From Different Ghibli Movies

Image credits: Outpsyched

#25 This Delorean On This Dinosaur Museum’s Wall Mural

Image credits: EarInMyBeard

#26 Museums Are Different In Denmark

Image credits: jackdearlove

#27 Japanese Children Wearing Feces-Shaped Hats Slide Into A Giant Toilet

Simulating the magical journey of human waste matter through a virtual sewer world, at a toilet exhibition in Tokyo.

Image credits: rasterbee

#28 This “Where Are You From” Map At The Aurora Museum In Reykjavík, Iceland

Image credits: ECEguy105

#29 My Daughter Found The World’s Oldest Fidget Spinner In A Museum In Chicago

Image credits: calvinquisition

#30 Saw David Bowie’s Cocaine Spoon In A Museum

Image credits: pamonhas

#31 There’s A Replica Of The Moon In The Natural History Museum

Image credits: thedudeabides80

#32 The Holocaust Memorial Museum In Detroit Has A Tree Made From The Sapling Of Anne Frank’s Tree

Image credits: benizok

#33 Respiratory System From A Local Exhibition

Image credits: calcaterraelia

#34 Found In The U.S. Holocaust Museum. Does Any Of This Sound Familiar Today?

Image credits: MeanMustacheMan

#35 This Museum Has A Guitarist Who Will Follow You Around Playing Music

Image credits: Joseph_Valdez

#36 The Big Maze At The National Building Museum In DC

Image credits: kalbert002

#37 Museum Reconstruction Of Roman Armor

Image credits: bigmeat

#38 The Chair Abraham Lincoln Was Assassinated In The Henry Ford Museum

Image credits: SuriouslyFoReal

#39 These Are 3 Of Many Leather Roman Shoes Found At Trimontium In The Scottish Borders. These Shoes Were Worn Over 1,800 Years Ago

The soil conditions mean they were found in an amazing condition of preservation. It’s a part of the national museum’s of Scotland collection

Image credits: bigmeat

#40 Oh No – Titanic Artifacts Damaged By Water

#41 Autism Sign At The History Of Miami Museum

Image credits: bus214

#42 Museum In Vienna Has A Sense Of Humor

Image credits: Taradacty1

#43 This Sign At An Outdoor Exhibit For A Museum

Image credits: Thoughtpot

#44 The Iron Throne Made From Willow In Belfast’s Ulster Museum

Image credits: GuybrushMI

#45 Solid Life Advice From The Local Museum

Image credits: expressadmin

#46 Inside The Specimen Collections Of The Smithsonian’s Museum Of Natural History

Image credits: mike_pants

#47 Keyboard Waffle At The Nexon Computer Museum

Image credits: SupaHotFire99

#48 Found My Ex In The Natural History Museum

Image credits: SimonCowellsTrousers

#49 Sand Museum In Tottori Japan. How Does Someone Create This Out Of Sand?

Image credits: sakee31

#50 Athens Airport Has An In-House Museum Where Ancient Artifacts, Uncovered During Its Construction, Are Exhibited

Image credits: alasporci

#51 Went To A Pompeii Exhibit. Saw A Familiar Face From 79 A.D.

Image credits: hot_wieners

#52 At The Science Museum In London

Image credits: CarsThatDrive

#53 The Tardis On This Dinosaur Museum’s Wall Mural

Image credits: EarInMyBeard

#54 Lost Keys Of Burning Man Attendees At The Cincinnati Art Museum

Image credits: porcupinedeath

#55 The National Holocaust Museum In DC Puts Screens With Graphic Images Behind Cement Barriers So Children Can’t See Them

Image credits: party-bot

#56 Largest T-Rex Skull Ever Found, Museum Of The Rockies, Bozeman, Montana

Image credits: generallyrelative

#57 The Restroom In This Museum Has A Very Appropriate Display

Image credits: oppleTANK

#58 Went To An Exhibit Of Food-Themed Mini Worlds In Japan

Image credits: lowlyravioli

#59 The Belvedere Museum In Vienna Has 3D Tactile Models And Braille So Even The Visually Impaired Can Enjoy Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”

Image credits: princess-confetti

#60 This Tiny UFO That Crash Landed On The Wall Of A Technology Museum

Image credits: 1redditname

#61 The Soap In The National Mustard Museum Bathroom Is Held In A Mustard Bottle

Image credits: boxofkangaroos

#62 Entire GI Tract Seen At The Body Worlds Exhibit At The Museum Of Science, Boston, MA

Image credits: hukunamytatas

#63 A Museum In Kenya Has Little Funding, So They Improvised And Created Their Dinosaurs With Clay

Image credits: Annoyingpapertrash

#64 “Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds” Exhibit. Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

Image credits: Kennine

#65 Whale Sculpture At The Museum

Image credits: Bototoy87

#66 Hyper-Realistic Sculpture, Crystal Bridges Museum Of American Art In Bentonville, Arkansas

Image credits: macintoshx11

#67 The Salt Man, Preserved For 1700 Years In A Salt Mine Until His Remains Were Discovered In 1993. National Museum Of Iran

Image credits: killboner

#68 Caravan Of Camels In The Eye Of A Needle, Museum Of Miniatures, Prague

Image credits: fancygoldfishfrog

#69 Creative Illusion As A Museum Exhibit

Image credits: s4bali

#70 This Exhibit Illustrates The Effects Of Water Erosion Over Time With Rocks

Image credits: dimdimthelesser

#71 The Henry Ford Museum In Detroit Is Home To The Actual Bus That Rosa Parks Protested On

Image credits: NukeyHov

#72 The “Bodies: The Exhibition” Exhibit Has A Container In The Lung Cancer Section For People To Drop Their Cigarette Packs In

Image credits: NonDairyCream3r

#73 Ear Eraser For Sale At A Van Gogh Exhibit

Image credits: neopolitan95

#74 Sandor “The Hound” Clegane’s Armour At The Game Of Thrones Exhibition In Belfast

Image credits: kyle47

#75 Infinity Mirror Roam- The Broad Museum

Image credits: kush28

#76 My Town’s Small Museum Received The Original Cover Art For The Great Gatsby

Image credits: deg000

#77 This Actual Air Guitar At A Museum Exhibit

Image credits: bananamuffin666

#78 This Museum Exhibit Actually Encourages You To Touch It

Image credits: ksh88

#79 At A Da Vinci Exhibition In Italy. Non-Art Pieces Had To Be Labeled

Image credits: Captain_Bamb00

#80 Went To A 3D Printing Exhibit

Image credits: coolcat1441

#81 Twinkies And Poptarts In Swedish “Disgusting Food Museum”

Image credits: its_zara

#82 An Incredible Deformity Found At The Mütter Museum Of Medical Oddities In Philadelphia

Image credits: jokes_on_you

#83 Corpus – Human Biology Interactive Museum In Netherlands

Image credits: tanmaypendse63

#84 These Kids’ Toilets In A London Museum Whose Sinks Slope To Cater For Progressively Shorter Children

Image credits: cuttyranking

#85 This Case With 1 Million Dollars In $20 Bills At The Chicago Fed Money Museum

Image credits: IAmASimulation

#86 At The Pacific Science Center In Seattle, There Was A LEGO Art Exhibit And Guests Were Encouraged To Write Their Name On And Leave A LEGO On This As They Left

Image credits: LooterHunter

#87 This Dinosaur Skeleton Made Completely Out Of LEGO’s From The Houston Museum Of Natural Science

Image credits: xX4ss2ass0Xx

#88 Jim Hanson’s Original Concept Sketch Of Big Bird At Museum Of Moving Image In Queens, NY

Image credits: MotoDoom

#89 Humongous Whale Skeleton In An NC Museum

Image credits: Iretai

#90 Passing Through Columbus, Had To Stop By The Cartoon Museum To See The C&H Section

Image credits: flt1

#91 This Woolly Rhino Specimen Fell Into An Oil Well And Was Perfectly Preserved For Tens Of Thousands Of Years

Museum of National History, Lviv

Image credits: Jeemdee

#92 A Firetruck Crushed By The Collapsing Of The Twin Towers At The 9/11 Museum

Image credits: Cogsmith13

#93 This Smithsonian Insect Exhibit Is Sponsored By A Company That Exterminates Insects Every Day

Image credits: FlameResistant

#94 I Saw This Young Lady In The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. She Needs To Put Some Clothes On And Stop Texting

Image credits: sraynor

#95 This Museum In Rome Has A Touchable Display Of The Artwork For Blind People

Image credits: lentilsoup4president

#96 This Sign Of Hobo Symbols At Railroad Museum

Image credits: Liapocalypse1

#97 Original Pokemon Drawings From The Manga Exhibition At The British Museum

Image credits: Bezzalicious

#98 “Elf” By Alberto Urdiales At The Marionette Museum In Lisbon

Image credits: MalaysiaTeacher

#99 Small Town Museum Plaque Writer

Image credits: Halcyondreamz

#100 New Life Size Megalodon Model At The Smithsonian Museum Of Natural History In Washington, DC

Image credits: mcineri

#101 This Hyper Realistic Bust At Our Local Art Museum

Image credits: SoggyMongoose

#102 This Dining Room Table At The Broad Art Museum

Image credits: ctr5490

#103 This Pinball Museum I Found

Image credits: HaroldFaltermeyerJr

#104 My New Job At The Museum Has Little Hidden ‘Jokes’ All Around. Eventually I’ll Find All Of Them

Image credits: XcoolbeansX15

#105 Blarney Castle Has A Marijuana Plant On Display For Its Poisonous Garden Exhibit

Image credits: facadesintheday

#106 This Cannabis Exhibit At The Philadelphia Flower Show Couldn’t Feature Real Plants.

Image credits: rapidashe_

#107 This Ornament From The Museum Of Flight

Image credits: seidmel19

#108 This Door To A Children’s Science Museum Has A Smaller Door For The Kids

Image credits: patharm

#109 Found This Beauty In A Museum In North Dakota

Image credits: Nandala

#110 The Museum Of Torture In Guanajuato, Mexico

Image credits: thunderkhawk

#111 Hair Museum In Turkey

The story goes that the local potter was bidding farewell to a dear friend of his when he asked for something to remember her by. She cut off a piece of her hair to leave as a reminder. He put it up in his shop, and told the story to the visitors and tourists who passed through. Not to be outdone, other women who enjoyed the story left a piece of their hair as well. The museum started in 1979 when a selection was put up for display. It now holds an estimated 16,000 samples by the museum’s own count and is included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Image credits: goreme

#112 This Map With Pins Where Visitors Are From. Photo Taken At Forks Timber Museum, WA, USA

Image credits: sun_and_sap

#113 Exhibit In The Philbroock Museum Of Art. Left Me Speechless

Image credits: jm45-105

#114 I Saw This At Murakami’s Exhibit Today. I Love It

Image credits: bogzaelektrotehniku

#115 Display At The Page Museum Of 404 Dire Wolf Skulls Found In The La Brea Tar Pits

Image credits: pmatikainen

#116 I Saw This 3 Player Foosball Table At An Art Exhibit

Image credits: DamDaniel_21

#117 Museum Exhibit Full Of Blue Balloons

Image credits: knowseriously

#118 Found In A Museum’s Gift Shop

Image credits: Moshcreep

#119 This Banner At A Museum In Prague Had A Bunch Of Random English Words On It

Image credits: yakee27

#120 A Sofa Fort From A German Museum

Image credits: TheShyAnt

#121 Polynesian Tattooing Exhibit At A Cultural Museum In Okinawa

Image credits: PennySuplex

#122 Mummified Thylacine At The Western Australian Museum. It Is Displayed As It Was Found In A Nullarbor Cave

Image credits: Dr_Rob_Davis

#123 “Be Water, My Friend”: Hong Kong Protest Exhibition Held At The Meguro Museum Of Art In Tokyo

Image credits: baylearn


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